Archives: Fair and Square

  • When: 20171114
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, SpaceMonkey, Submac
  • Three HOF PAX (Three?  Only Three?  Just Three?  Merely Three?  Simply Three?) started out the first week post-Convergence with a Deflator beatdown with a message.  Here it went:


    Warm-o-rama: 15 Windmills, 20 Forward Arm Circles followed by 20 Backwards Arm Circles, 41 SS Hops, 16 Burpees OYO (the latter two exercises were in celebration of the Patriots beating the Broncos 41-16 last night)

    Mosey with Style – lap around the lake and then collectively completed 32 Burp-ups using the kid’s swings

    Global Warming:  Al Gore Shuffle around the flowerpot.  15 Merkins called each time we complete one revolution, change direction each time.  Repeated 4 times for 60 Merkins.

    Lazy Dora:  Partner up (impossible – we did it as a team).  Exercise combination is as follows:  50 Dips-Dip-Holds; 100 Merkin-Elbow Planks; 200 LBCs-6 Inches; 300 Squats-Wall Sits.  PAX determined that we needed more Wall Sits in the future to build up our endurance.

    Fair and Square:  Set up four cones and perform the following exercises:  Jump Squats; Crunchy Frogs; Alternating Shoulder Taps; Flutterkicks; American Hammers; Side Straddle Hops; Merkins.  Each exercise was performed while one of the PAX ran around all 4 cones, when he returned the next one went, when he returned the last one went.

    Count and Name-o-rama quickly and effectively performed

    COT involved a discussion about “judging”, which has been on YHC’s mind lately in several personal and professional contexts.   Proverbs 31:9 – open thy mouth, judge fairly (righteously).  Explain your reasoning, be steadfast, and listen – maybe you didn’t quite have it right after all.

    BOM and OUT.

    NMM –

    Where the heck are the PAX?!?!?  It is always a blast hanging out with SpaceMonkey and Submac, but F3 should be enjoyed by the masses.  Please please EH yourself and others to get out there!  The cooler weather is finally here and the holidays are upon us – fight back the excessive calories we will all be consuming.

    PAX did a good job adjusting the Dora counts so that we divided up the exercises equally – FAIR and SQUARE.



    F3 Hampton Roads