Archives: Faith Sneakers Burning Tread Again

  • When: 20190124
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Submac, Screen Door, Gunner, Live Oak, Hops, Scrum (FNG), Road Runner (FNG), Jack (FNG), Glow Stick (FNG)
  • It has been nearly a year since our running AO, “Faith Sneakers” has been active.  Mainly due to this being something that YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) coordinates with my church.  That being said, the PAX, folks from Females in Action (FiA), and from my church were more than prepared to make sure that this session was off to a rousing success.  Always rising to the occasion, Dreamliner and his M, Papyrus, have graciously volunteered to host this running group/bible study for the full 10 week duration.  Here is what went down.

    We bravely started in the dark, increasingly cold, evening from the host home (I will coin Casa Paper Airplane), and hit the Suffolk Seaboard trail at the further entrance, about 0.5 miles from Casa Paper Airplane.  In all, there were 21 steadfast pavement pounders.  Yep, 21!  Most were running, but there were a few that were rucking in preparation for the upcoming GrowRuck.  PAX at all levels of fitness showed up and sharpened their irons on the trail.  We have 4 FNGs (4!) for F3 and 6 FNGs (6!) for FiA.  After owning the trail for 40 minutes, we all reconvened at Casa Paper Airplane for Countarama and Namarama.  We welcomed Scrum, Road Runner, Jack, and Glow Stick to the F3 fold.

    Then, without hesitation, the PAX descended on the provided food.  Consumption was rapid and without mercy.  Then we got down to some business.  We discussed the book we will be exploring through this study series “Every Body Matters” by Gary Thomas.  This book will be discussed each week as we look to shift our perspective on physical fitness from being a personally, physically-motivated activity to a spiritual one.  We decided to have a target race (5 or 10K) to complete as a group at the end of the study series.  YHC will inform F3 Hampton Roads of which one we pick as it would be great to have a strong F3 presence at this event.  We also discussed a group activity that will be to facilitate the efforts of the Peninsula Rescue Mission on a Saturday for whatever tasks they need.  Other things were discussed and YHC expressed his extreme gratitude for all that participated.

    Prayers and praise followed by a bit more food consumption and the fined honed spiritual instruments were released to the world.

    I am eagerly anticipating our meeting next Thursday!


    Space Monkey