Archives: Faith Sneakers Take Maiden Trek

  • When: 20180215
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Khakis, Buoy, Raider, Screen Door, Dreamliner, Wormburner (FNG), Whammo (FNG), Hops (FNG), Space Monkey
  • It was an honor to be the first Q for this F3 Hampton Roads Running group with 3rd F Bible study afterwards.  The experience was all the more impactful in that we welcomed 3 FNGs to our fold!

    The Thang:

    PAX started running on the Suffolk Seaboard trail in two trailblazing groups. The first group was bent on beating land speed records (YHC will call them “The Fasties”), the second group focused on dominating the trail in a slower fashion (YHC will call them “The Vigilant Vigilantes”).  For this occasion, the PAX were informed that the outrun was to be cut a bit short such that they would return a bit early for assignment of F3 names to FNGs and a description of what F3 is all about.  Although the PAX became a bit stratified, overall if a PAX wasn’t running with a partner, there was not a PAX too far away.  The Fasties were clocking distances up to nearly 5 miles!  Aye!

    All the PAX returned to the flag (Aye!) where the tenants of F3 and the history of F3 as a whole, as well as how F3 has taken root in Hampton Roads, was explained by none other than the Nantan for our area himself, Mr. Dr. Dreamliner!

    Countarama, Namarama

    Bible study portion began shortly thereafter. It was dark so not much by way of written word was discussed.   YHC explained the flow of this bible study semester as well as upcoming activities.  For any interested PAX, we will be handing out beads with church invite cards on St. Patrick’s Day at bars.  Exact time and location will be announced soon.  St. Patty’s day is on a Saturday this year.  Additionally, we will be involved in a ministry project with YHC’s church in late April to facilitate break down after a community yard sale event.

    The Book

    Through the course of this running group/bible study, we will focus on the book written by ultramarathoner, ironman, ultraman Jason Lester, “Running on Faith.” Jason absolutely did not let his disability impair his capability.  Instead, he has used it as motivation to achieve truly incredible feats.  Through it all, he has honored God as the source of all his success.  This book describes his journey and offers guidance toward inculcating his learning moments in our lives.  I am looking forward to learning what other PAX glean from this book.

    Ball of man and prayers.


    Space Monkey