Archives: Feelin' Frisky

  • When: 20200307
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Buoy, SubMac, Space Monkey, Bing, Gunner, Dreamliner, Priorities, Marvel
  • Conditions: Cold, but not too cold, but SO WINDY

    PAX: Ocho

    FNGs: Nada

    DR PAX: Y nada tambien


    • SSH – 30
    • Nancy Kerrigans – 10/10
    • TTT – 10
    • Big Sexy (Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pounders, Pickle Pointers) – 10 each

    Mosey to PNC parking deck, inside bottom floor…

    The Thang

    Catch Me If You Can: Partner up (with someone of a comparable equal running level); one PAX moseys ahead while other drops for 5 Burpees then catches up and flapjack; all the way to the top of the garage.

    Dora: Partners share reps of the following exercise. Non-repping PAX does a full lap around top of garage.

    • 100 Bonnie Blairs
    • 200 CDDs
    • 300 LBCs

    Can You If Me Catch: Same as before, but moseying PAX is running in reverse and repping PAX does 10 Reverse Crunches. Down to the bottom of the garage.

    Mosey back to pond. Partners divide into two teams via Rock-Paper-Scissors.

    War of Attrition: 2 teams at 2 culverts do sets of following (10 each) then run to other team’s culvert to add a mark to other team’s wall with provided sidewalk chalk, most marks on opposing team’s wall wins:

    • American Hammer (4ct)
    • Merkin
    • Jump Squat

    The winners enjoyed 29 Merkins (one for each mark they placed) while the losers enjoyed holding plank.

    Indian Run around the pond back to starting culvert.


    Dealer’s Choice, AMRAP for 40 seconds each (this is not the original order):

    • Penguin Crunches
    • Leg Lifts
    • Boxcutters
    • Hello Dolly
    • 100s
    • Alabama Prom Date
    • Freddy Mercury
    • (YHC forgot one in here)
    • Big Boy Sit-Ups (to close out the workout, for 1-minute)


    For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

    John 6:40
    • YHC encouraged the PAX that Jesus has promised resurrection–accomplished by him–for those who believe in him.
    • YHC also tied it into one of his 2.0’s names (whose birthday is tomorrow), which means (roughly translated)–“My God has Promised Resurrection.”


    • YHC endeavors to create a sense of time dilation around workouts such that the PAX a regularly wondering “has it really only been __ minutes?”
    • Several PAX noted how YHC was “feelin’ frisky” because of several exercises chosen and comments made. Maybe. Maybe not.
    • YHC likes the “War of Attrition” routine, but may have stolen it from somewhere or mislabelled it. It could not be located in the exicon.


    • New running AO, #UptheCreek, every Monday morning at Creekside Elementary School (1000 Bennetts Creek Park Rd., Suffolk, VA 23435).
    • Quad P for March is getting Kotters and FNGs to workouts. Let’s reach out to as many as we can!

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