Archives: Feelin' like the Hoff

  • When: 20201106
  • QIC: Gas Station
  • The PAX: Gas Station, Marvel, White Tail, Moneyball, Chicken Little (DR: Waxhaw, NC)
  • Conditions: Gloomy…perfect for Hoff training

    PAX: Marvel, Whitetail, Moneyball, Gas Station

    FNGs: None

    DR PAX: Chicken Little (Waxhaw, NC)


    SSH IC x 20

    Gravel Diggers IC x 20 (10 each side w/ coupon)

    Imperial Walkers IC x 20

    Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 20

    Curls IC x 10

    10 Man Makers OYO




    Coupon Rifle Carry between each lifeguard station lifeguard station

    1. 20 Curls
    2. 20 Mil press
    3. 20 V-sit ups
    4. 20 Lunges (count R leg)
    5. 20 Bent over Rows

    20 count then Rinse and Repeat going back

    Drop coupons

    Ancillary Beach Activities (Like a DORA but AMRAP while partner runs to first lifeguard tower and back. Two rounds of each set then move on to the next set)

    Set 1: Aussie Push-ups and Big Boys

    Set 2: Dips and Dirkins

    Set 3: Step ups and wing nuts

    Mosey back to flag


    “Life is reduced to an inescapable monotony unless we assume a greater purpose to life; but there is no purpose to life unless we assume design, and death has no significance unless deep inside we seek what is everlasting. These tensions are true across the board in human experience—across cultures, languages, and backgrounds. This is what the Christian faith, in effect, reminds us. Absolute significance and purpose are directly linked to an ultimate design.” Ravi Zacharias

    • YHC reminded the PAX because we have a God who designed this world he designed us in the particular (not just the general) to live in this world. This means that you and I have a purpose today to fulfill, a commission from God to work and the serve him.
    • There is a lot of chaff and distractions in this life that divert our attention. Keep focus on what God has gifted you to do, given you passion for, and purse it with exuberance.


    • Three weeks in a row, the gloom set in over the shores of the James as men joined together to battle the self and pursue the DRP.
    • This week we were graced by Chicken Little a DR pax from Waxhaw. He came for a good morning of coupons and sand.
    • Moneyball discovered a ferrel cat with kitten whose domain added a peculiar aroma near the picnic benches.


    • F3HR turned 4 yesterday on the 5th of November. There is a F2 scheduled for today after 6pm at Priorities house to coincide with Colonial 200 makeup.See info below.
    • Suffolk Seaboard Coastal Trail 200 (Colonial 200 makeup) info: TODAY!!!! Nov 6-7 at Priorities House. Its not to late to get involved. Contact Lawn Boy or info here. You can still raise money for Rock Solid Foundation, check the FB page for more info!
    • Turkey-day convergance at The Playground. No other AOs will meet that day so everyone can pre-game the Fried Turkey and fixin’s

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