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  • When: 20180317
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Free Fall, SpaceMonkey, Scully, Sunshine, Gandalf, Funny Car, Buoy, Cowboy, Dreamliner
  • Sticking with the March Madness theme, this Q (or at least part of it) was geared around college hoops. The mumble chatter was on the same topic.

    The Thang
    15 good mornings – In Cadence (IC)
    30 shoulder circles – IC
    15 reverse lunges – IC
    15 merkins for those wearing green (St. Patrick’s Day) or 15 burpees for those who were not.

    Mosey to field at base of Stink Hill.

    Regular Season: Sprint length of field, 10 WWII situps, sprint back. Seed based on finishing time.

    Final Four: Team up based on seed.
    Team 1: Seeds 1, 8, and 9. Renamed N.C. State.
    Team 2: 2 and 7. Renamed Virginia Tech.
    Team 3: 3 and 6. Renamed Millersville.
    Team 4: 4 and 5. Renamed UNC (Carolina).

    Each round, two teams would face off. First runner would go. Upon return, second runner would go. After semifinals, the two winning teams would race for first place and the two losing teams would race for third place. Rotate first round match-up.

    Ab Round: Run, 10 WWII situps, run back. At start/finish line, flutter kicks. Champion: Virginia Tech.
    Chest Round: Run, 10 hand remove merkins, run back. At start/finish line, plank. Champion: N.C. State.
    Shoulder Round: Run, 10 Carolina dry docks, run back. At start/finish line, shoulder circles. Champion: Virginia Tech.

    Mosey to top of hill. Retrieve coupons (aka rocks).

    Rock Olympics.

    12 Minute AMRAP: 20 shoulder circles, 20 curls, 20 triceps extensions, run to ridge on hill and back to top. Repeat for as many rounds as possible. Audibled to 15 reps after round 2.

    Mosey 1/2 way down hill towards the field.

    Clock big boy situps: 15 facing sun (sideways on hill). 15 facing down hill. 15 facing shadow. 15 facing uphill (a crowd favorite).

    Mosey to field.

    ABCs and slow, full-extension Freddy Mercury’s (10 IC).

    Mosey to flags.

    1.5 minutes of leg lifts. Announcements during leg lifts.

    Recover. Recover.

    Funny Car had some left in the tank as evidenced by his sprints up the hill.

    AMRAP difficulty was extremely rock dependent. There was quite a bit of variation in rock size (and density). One rock was relatively small but very dense.

    Rock Olympics were no joke this morning. Almost all exercises were performed for 20 reps.

    Mumble chatter this morning was primarily focused on March Madness.

    Absolutely amazing morning to be outside. Brisk but no wind. Ground frozen and not wet. YHC enjoyed the fellowship with each of you this morning.

    Circle of Trust
    Matthew 5:14-16 (ESV) 14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
    Don’t hide your faith.
    Find your way to reach people.

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