Archives: First round of Duck Duck Goose

  • When: 
  • QIC: Priorities
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Fabio (FNG), SubMac, Spygate (FNG), Deflator (FNG), Space Monkey, Priorities
  • The waterfowl were sent scurrying as 7 motivated PAX stormed Eagle Harbor Lake for the launch of #duckduckgoose!  Welcome to former FNG’s Spygate, Fabio and Deflator!  Who heard those First Bells ringing?

    Here’s how it went down:

    Quick warmarama to get a light leakage going – SSHs x20 IC; Al Gores x15 IC; Imperial Walkers x20 IC.

    Let’s get running.  20 minutes around the lake.  YHC can’t count that high but I believe we finished 4 laps? Maybe 2 miles?

    High Planks until all PAX arrive. As my 2.0s would say, NO TROLL LEFT BEHIND!

    Post run we moved on to a some 45/15s – 45 seconds of exercise 15 seconds rest – Is there a name for this? Maybe the fastest 15 seconds in history?

    Burpees, Al Gores, Merkins, Don Quixotes, Lunges, Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollys, Rosalitas, Bear Crawls, more Merkins, more Don Quixotes, American Hammers, Burpees again, and more Burpees.

    COT:  With a flock of FNGs (get it, flock, you see what I did there?), YHC’s words of wisdom were a brief explanation of what F3 is. Emphasis on living 3rd.  Counterama, Name-O-rama and BOM prayer from Dreamliner and it was off to stoke the Mammon.


    YHC showed up Swirly Early to make sure the AO was secure.  Seriously, if you aren’t listening to the F3RVA Podcasts, you aren’t living.

    We may have found someone to keep up running with Dreamliner as Deflator looked like a gazelle (not Giselle) out on the path.

    TClaps to Spygate for making it out of the fartsack this morning.  If Priorities lives Bear Crawl distance from the shovel flags, then Spygate is about half Bear Crawl distance. He saved himself a ding dong ditch to wake him from his slumber.

    Speaking of Ding Dong Ditch, Triple Option was saved from a early morning wake up call due to his intestinal ailments but if he doesn’t gain some fortitude in that area next week, we’re gonna Indian Run to his condo in the gloom.  TO, you’ve been warned.

    Be there at #BearCountry to hear that second bell toll for Screen Doors VQ.  Seeing as I’ve HCed for it, I can drive the clown car if anyone else wants to join.  I will not be Swirly Early for that.

    The goal of every Q should be to get his BB up before the previous days Q posts his.  Winning! Mentos, where you at?  Speaking of #StinkHill, why is it Dreamliner is always Kevin Duranting during Mentos’ Qs?  He did throw on a restrictor plate for the post run portion of todays workout but it didn’t make up for him missing a mile and a half of sandbags/jugs of cat pee or the 9:07 of lunges!

    My last note is this:  DuckDuckGoose was the obvious choice to name the AO.  However, being a proud Minnesotan, it burns me to hear this name since we ALL know that the proper way to play this staple of children’s games is in fact Duck Duck Gray Duck.  Duck Duck Goose is simplistic, boring and stupid.  I expect better from the youth of America than to play the amateurish version of this cherished adolescent classic.  Rant over.

    Priorities Out

    F3 Hampton Roads