Archives: Flatulence Catalogue

  • When: 20200528
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, SubMac, Gas Station, Stick, Marvel
  • Conditions: WET and HUMID

    PAX: 5

    FNGs: None

    DR PAX: None


    • SSH – 30
    • Michael Phelps – 10
    • Imperial Walker – 10
    • Through the Tunnel – 10
    • Burpees – 5 OYO

    Mosey around the pond.

    The Thang

    Divide into two groups, one group on the swings doing Aussie Merkins while the other group was on the benches doing Wing Nuts, all AMRAP except for one PAX counting out 25 Wing Nuts; Flapjack back and forth until all PAX have had a turn counting.

    Mosey over Bear Crawl bridge and around the small loop.

    Deck of Death: YHC draws cards and the PAX do the associated exercise, in the # of reps on the card. Face cards = more intense version; Aces = 14.

    • ♠ = Merkins / Jiminy Crickets
    • ♣ = Big Boy Sit-Ups / WWIIs
    • ♦ = Squats / Jump Squats
    • ♥ = Overhead Claps / SSH
    • Joker = 25 Burpees

    After each round of 5 cards (later audibled to 7), do the small loop including Bear Crawl bridge. Later audibled to Tennis Court for Agassis.


    Similar flapjack routine as before with 25 Wing Nuts and AMRAP Dealer’s Choice for those off the tables. LBCs, WWIIs, Six Inches, and V Sit-Ups.

    Finish with AMRAP Penguin Crunches for 1 minute because YHC.


    I hate, I despise your feasts, and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies…But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

    Amos 5:21, 24
    • YHC pointed out that in these verses (and elsewhere) God indicates that he cares less about the appearances of things we think he wants, and more about righteousness and justice.
      • Especially important in light of various situations of injustice that YHC has witnessed in the news lately.


    • Fortuitously, only one Joker was drawn, and right at the end of that portion of the workout.
    • The Backblast title comes from a conversation about the forceful, expressive, and very audible expelling of air from YHC’s anus–and how Dreamliner does not keep an record of all instances of his flatulence.
    • The PAX completed 30 Burpees each for the 1 Million Burpee Challenge.


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