Archives: Flying Nuns, Bojangles Biscuits, and Dirty Hookups

  • When: 20200423
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Gunner, Gas Station, Dreamliner, Marvel
  • Conditions: *chef kiss*

    PAX: 4


    DR PAX:


    • Burpee – 1 OYO between each of the following
    • SSH – 30
    • Monkey Humpers – 10
    • Pickle Pointers – 10
    • Toy Soldiers – 10

    Mosey to Food Lion parking lot, long way …

    The Thang

    Dirty Hookup: 4 count between high plank and horizontal plank against wall, 12 total.

    Bojangles Biscuit w/Dirty MacDeuce: 4×2 sets of 3 exercises, 12 reps IC, after the first round, YHC let the other PAX choose the three (Legs, Core, Arms). Between sets, run two intervals of speed bumps and sprint the third:

    • Marvel (YHC): Reverse Lunges, LBCs, Shoulder Taps
    • Gunner: Copperhead Squats, American Hammers, Overhead Claps
    • Gas Station: Jump Squats, V Sit-ups, CDDs
    • Dreamliner: Bottom-half Squats, Boxcutters,* Raise the Roofs

    Bojangles Biscuit (modified): Mosey the first two intervals, on the third do dealer’s choice transit exercise:

    • Marvel (YHC): Flying Nuns aka Lunge Walk + Arm Circles
    • Gunner: Bear Crawls
    • Gas Station: Carioca
    • Dreamliner: Yves Poll aka Nur aka Reverse Run

    Mosey back to the clubhouse…


    100 Sweat Angels for QuadP, split into 10 reps IC before/after/between the following Dealer’s Choices which were done AMRAP for 1 minute:

    • Marvel (YHC): Penguin Crunches*
    • Gunner: WWIIs
    • Gas Station:
    • Dreamliner: Freddy Mercury (done for 30 seconds)


    But now that Timothy has come to us from you, and has brought us the good news of your faith and love and reported that you always remember us kindly and long to see us, as we long to see you.

    1 Thessalonians 3:6
    • YHC pointed to the idea that this is just a pastor using the best technology of his day to interact with is people, and we should do the same now in this difficult time.


    • *The PAX like to mock YHC for always selecting Penguin Crunches during Mary, but Boxcutters are chosen at almost the same rate by Dreamliner
      • As such, YHC is taking responsibility for the quality (or lack thereof) of the PAX’s obliques.
    • Gas Station is like a tortured artist when it comes to squats, YHC surmised.
    • One end of the parking lot smelled like marijuana and burnt coffee. YHC noted this though he doesn’t have any direct experience with either.


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