Archives: Flying Solo at StankHill

  • When: 20190122
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Scully
  • YHC thought these days were behind us, but would like to thank all the Fartsackers for providing the opportunity to abandon the planned beatdown and focus on making up some ground in the Quad P prior to my scheduled surgery on Friday.


    Just a little stretching and SSH’s


    Run the length of the parking lot and back/50 Coupon Curls

    Rinse and Repeat


    Just a pat on the back and a prayer of thanks for the refreshing morning air


    Knowing Cowboy was feeling under the weather the day before and seeing the wind chill at a toasty 9 degrees, YHC had an inkling that a solo was possible so it was not really the shock that it SHOULD be, but as I said, the opportunity was put to good use and resulted in 19 rounds 50 curls before the clock struck 6:15 and 1 additional round of 75 afterwards just to even things out:

    (19×50)+(75/1.5)= 1000 …I’m certain this daily high will not last long, but I’m in the green for at least the day 🙂

    Keep giving it away men,


    F3 Hampton Roads