Archives: FND (Friendly New Dog)

  • When: 20170729
  • QIC: Dreamliner, Screen Door
  • The PAX: Bachelor Pad, Copper (FND), SubMac, Sunshine, Dreamliner, Screen Door
  • Screen Door and YHC decided that a hot potato Q would be a nice change of pace to the norm. Despite the low turnout, five PAX and one FND (Friendly New Dog) pushed through a tough beatdown this morning. Here is what happened.
    The Thang:
    Warmarama: 25 side straddle hops IC (Screen Door), 10 merkins OYO (YHC), 20 imperial walkers IC (Screen Door), 10 merkins OYO (YHC), 15 somethings IC (Screen Door), 10 merkins OYO (YHC), 10 somethings IC (Screen Door), 10 merkins OYO (YHC), 5 burpees on my count (Screen Door), 10 merkins OYO (YHC).
    YHC Q:
    Mosey to Mt. Trashmore sign. Retrieve coupons. Colt 45s. Colt 45s will begin to be a staple of YHC Qs as his M made an off-comment on the lack of bicep work. This WILL be remedied.
    Beast on the Hill: Run 1/4 down hill, 6 reps, 1/2 down, 6 reps, 3/4 down, 6 reps, run to bottom of hill and back up 1/4, 6 reps, 1/2 up, 6 reps, 3/4 up, 6 reps, back to the top. Plank on the six. Round 1) Derkins/Irkins. Round 2) shoulder press. Round 3) curls. Round 4) Carolina dry docks.
    Return coupons and relinquish control to Screen Door.
    Screen Door Q:
    Mosey to 2nd picnic shelter. Three sets of 11s: 1) Big boy sit-ups/American hammers (Wow! Abs were on fire. SubMac added sounds effects), 2) Lunges (IC)/squats, 3) Dips/derkins.
    YHC Q:
    Partners sets of Mike Tyson and air squats on bathhouse wall. For Mike Tyson’s “Place your feet against a curb or wall while in a plank position. Contract the legs for a horizontal squat. Extend legs. Perform a Merkin. Return to starting position. One rep.” Sets of 10 until partners reach 100. These were brutal following Screen Door’s 11s of dips/derkins.
    BLIMPS: 5 burpees, 10 lunge each leg, 15 imperial walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats.
    Screen Door Q:
    Return to flags for MARY. Crunchy frogs, LBCs, Freddy Mercury’s, low slow flutter.
    Circle of Trust (COT):
    James 1:19 (NASB) “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger”
    “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” – Doug Larson
    “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter F. Drucker. This is especially true in our culture of text, e-mail, Facebook, twitter, etc. Shared about a five text rule. If a conversation hits the five text mark, call the person. It will be faster and will prevent miscommunication. Learned the hard way.
    Ball of man (BOM).
    Naked Man Moleskin (NMM):
    Sunshine shared some of the amazing things that happened on his mission trip to Haiti. It was great to hear him talking about the people of Haiti and watching his son step up and lead.

    Five PAX. Really guys? I know we all have obligations to work, family, travel, the bed (???), etc. but your brothers depend on you as well. I am not going to sugar coat that the difference was felt this morning. The workout has a very different vibe when 5 PAX are there compared to high teens. You can fake being interested but you cannot fake being present. We missed you guys. We need each other.

    On a happier note, YHC is about to post a second backblast “Message from Nan’tan” which will have other important information and announcements. This will be sent out via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

    F3 Hampton Roads