Archives: Four corners and some extra credit

  • When: 
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Seaworm (FNG), Screen Door (FNG), SpaceMonkey, Mentos, Scully, Dreamliner
  • Two new faces (Seaworm and Screen Door) joined the PAX of Hampton Roads on chilly Saturday morning at #StinkHill.  Here’s how it went down.


    The Thang:

    A quick warmarama with 30 side straddle hops (in cadence (IC)), 15 shoulder circles forward (IC), 15 shoulder circles backward (IC), and 15 imperial walkers (IC).

    In adjacent parking lot, the PAX did an adequate job of re-routing traffic while completing four corners.

    Corner 1: 20 merkins (OYO), 20 flutter kicks (IC),  20 Freddy Mercury’s (IC)

    High knees (1/2 way)/butt kicks (1/2 way) to corner 2.

    Corner 2: 20 merkins (OYO), 20 Hello Dolly’s (IC),  20 Ray Lewis’s (IC)

    Sprint to corner 3

    Corner 3: 20 merkins (OYO), 20 box cutters (IC),  20 squats (IC)

    Karaoke to corner 4

    Corner 4: 20 merkins (OYO), 20 Roselita’s (IC),  20 shoulder circles (IC)

    15 walking lunges then mosey back to corner 1, repeatdo


    Mosey to Mt. Trashmore sign on top of hill.  YHC had a chance to speak with FNG Seaworm during the mosey.  With a background in wrestling, he is going to be dominating some F3 beatdowns in no time.

    Grab rocks and work through a cross-fit inspired WOD.  25 thrusters, 25 shoulder press, sprint to turn of ridge, turn on point man, and return.  Repeatdo 4 times with decreasing reps (15, 5, 5).  Return coupons (rocks) to their proper resting place.  We will back for them soon.



    Mosey to bottom of hill for a Beast.  The beast is 6 reps, 6 times (1/4 way across field, 1/2 way, 3/4 way, 3/4 way, 1/2 way, 1/4 way) of a particular exercise.  Exercises completed were Carolina dry docks, WWII situps, and burpess (a killer at this point).  Plank on the six then mosey back to shovel flag.

    Finish with a few minutes of Mary.



    Circle of Trust (COT):

    The PAX stayed on our six for the COT.  The tenants of F3 were described to our FNGs then counterama and namerama were performed.  Closed out with Ball of Man.



    Mentos and YHC have hard committed (HC) for a GoRuck in Richmond, VA on March 4 beginning at 9:00 a.m. This would be a great opportunity for some amazing 2ndF and team building.  YHC will drive any PAX that wants to join in on the fun.

    The #BringAnFNG competition has been extended through the end of Feb. PAX who brings most FNGs wins a shirt of their choice from the F3 Gear Store (‬). Bonus point if the FNG posts twice.


    YHC (Your humble correspondent),