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  • QIC: Mentos
  • The PAX: Submac, Priorities, Space Monkey, Frozone (FNG), Mentos
  • So, I know this is late, but I’m more worried about thinking of new ways to kill easy workouts than learning how to use the interweb.  Big shoutout to Frozone, the FNG to brave a fun filled workout.  A little background, I thought a casual walk around the lake wasn’t enough.  So I thought I’d add some tunes.  And since I always carry a ruck with weight, why can’t everyone else carry something?  Enter 2 20lb jugs of water and 2 30lb sandbags.  Here’s the skinny:


    20 Sidestradle Hops IC

    15 Deep Squats OYO

    10 Murkins IC

    5 Burpees OYO


    Pain Roulette:

    6 Stations, 6 Exercises for the length of a random song.

    Station 1: Squats (No Sleep Till Brooklyn)

    Everyone was feeling good about the songs choices, but worried about future songs.  But we left it up to fate and moved on at a fast pace.

    Station 2: Pushups (Run to the Hills)

    Station 3: Flutter Kicks (Die, Die My Darling)

    At this point Priorities pointed out that at least it wasn’t Burpees.  We tempted fate a little too much…..

    Station 4: Lunges (Freebird)

    All 9 minutes and 7 seconds……of lunges…….

    Station 5: Burpees (Highway to Hell)

    Thanks Priorities, just had to say something

    Station 6: High Plank (Kickstart my Heart)

    Finish the loop around the lake with all weight before 8 am.


    YHC always tries to tie in some GORUCK philosophy along with the workout.  This week was all about “Embracing the Suck”.  We all do it, whether it’s at work, during the workouts, or in line at the store.  It’s all about looking the Suck in the eye, and smiling.  Just embrace it, and it doesn’t seem so bad.  Especially when you have friends to share in the misery.



    Shout out to all who made the best of a rough workout, especially Frozone for coming out and killing it.

    The GORUCK event is coming up fast.  Dreamliner and Mentos are already committed.  If anyone else is interested in some good livin’, sign up and let’s get at it.

    Next time, maybe the jugs will be filled with cat pee.  Just to make it interesting.


    Until next time,