Archives: Frisbee Showdown

  • When: 20200526
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Dreamliner, 2 Wheel, Stick, Bobber, Marvel
  • 6PAX arrived to Duck-Duck-Goose ready for their post Memorial Day beat down. Weather was 65 degrees and humid.

    • SSH 30IC
    • No Surrenders 15IC
    • Smurf Jacks 12IC
    • Arm Circles 12Fwd/Bwd IC
    • Lap around DDG Pond

    The Thang
    • Frisbee Showdown
    Utilizing 4 frisbees and a basket, PAX split into teams and during each round a team picked an exercise. Next, a team member from that team would try and toss the frisbees a known distance into the basket. Each frisbee represents 10Reps; every frisbee made penalized the other team(s) and every frisbee missed penalized your team. So, chose your exercises wisely!
    Exercises included:
     Big Boy Sit-ups
     Flutter Kicks
     Burpees
     Broad Jump
     Dips
     Step Ups
     LBCs
     Body Builders
     WWIIs
     American Hammers
     Merkins
     Erkins
     Box Cutters
     Flying Nuns
     Lunges