Archives: Frosty was No Man

  • When: 
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Space Monkey
  • Sub-freezing temps didn’t keep the PAX away from an adventure in the gloom. Tundra like ground saw a shovel planted and off we went.

    The Thang:

    Warmarama: 20 SSH (in cadence, IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 15 Don Quixotes (IC), 10 Mericans (IC), 15 Plank-jacks (IC). Frost shaken off, time to put in our time.

    A F3 Hampton Roads original coined, “Over-Under,” consisted of 10 bear crawl strides (left and right counted as 1 stride), 10 WWII sit-ups, 10 crab walk strides (same as bear crawls), 10 mericans. This was completed 5 time.

    Mosey to track for Fantastic Four: four exercises of increasing reps each set (5, 10, 15, 20) included Dericans, dips, squats, and leg-lifts. Sprint approximately 50 y and back between sets, including the last set.  10 count then mosey to the practice field.

    Alternating exercise sets across the practice field of lunge-walks (left and right count as 1 stride) and burpees. 2 each, then 4 each, up to 8 each.  Regain balance then mosey back to the flag for 7 minutes of Mary

    7 Minutes of Mary: Alternating exercises of LBCs (10 reps) and 6” leg hold between PAX up to 100 LBCs. Big boy sit-ups (1-5 reps increasing by 1 each set) followed by freedom twists (2 reps for each sit-up).  Superman hold with arms out front, to the side, and then back.  YHC remarked on how cold his most valuable parts were during this portion of the workout.

    Circle of Trust (COT):

    YHC shared his understanding of Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” as being both a source of inspiration and a call to only endeavor to pursue things that can be accomplished THROUGH Christ, i.e., you cannot achieve malevolent or nefarious activities through Christ.



    There is a CSAUP being held by F3 Richmond that we will be participating in on January 21. More details to follow but the activity will be 3-4 hours and will involve several AOs which we will be jogging to.  People can participate in any portion of the exercises and the activities will begin at 6 AM at the AO “Dogpile.”