Archives: Fun with Sandbags @ Stankhill

  • When: 20180605
  • QIC: McGruff
  • The PAX: McGruff, Scully, Sunshine, Cowboy, Turf n Turf
  • 5 Strong PAX showed up for a beat down at Stankhill. PAX did not let the Carnival get in the way of things.

    Warmarama: Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings

    The Thang: 15 Min AMRAP; 50 lb 20 Squats, 40 lb 15 Thrusters, 35 lb KB Swings, 20 Merkins, Run up hill, 20 Big Boy Sit-ups, Run down the hill. Rinse and repeat

    15 min. AMRAP, 50 lb 15 Shoulder Slams, 15 Carolina Dry Docks, 35 lb Goblet Squats, 40 lb Alternating Shoulder press, 20 Big boy sit-ups, Sprint to Edwin Drive and back, Rinse and Repeat

    Slow Mosey to stretch the legs. 20 Big Boy Sit-ups

    Count-arama, Name-arama