Archives: Funny Car’s 4th Anniversary Q

  • When: 20201121
  • QIC: Funny Car
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Scully, Sunshine, Hot Corner, Cookie Monster, McGruff, Free Fall, Finkle, Gandalf, Cowboy
  • I joined F3 on 11/30/20 and Q’d my first workout at Bear Country on 4/16/17 (much too long between my first workout and first Q). In celebration of the 4th anniversary of my first F3 workout, I based the workout on my first Q with some modifications. 


    In cadence: 25 squats, 20 imperial walkers, 25 side straddle hops, 15 merkins, Bat wings 10.

    Pick up a shovel flag and mosey to the top of Mt. Trashmore to the second pole. The shovel flag was planted about 50 yards downhill from the pole. 


     Perform the following exercises with 20 reps except 10 reps for burpees. After each exercise run fast to the shovel flag and mosey back to the pole. 


    big boys

    side straddle hop

    burpees – run down the hill to the stage and run back up the hill

    Bobby Hurleys 

    mountain climbers


    Superman burpees 10 – run down the hill to the stage and run back up the hill

    monkey humpers – lunge walk back from the shovel flag

    freddy mercury – skip to the shovel flag

    hand release merkins – lunge walk to the shovel flag, walk back

    prison cell burpees 10 – no run

    squats – no run

    iron mikes – no run

    body count burpees 10 – mosey to the shovel flag, sprint back to the pole 

    Mosey back to the parking lot. Round of Mary for four minutes, dealer’s choice with 10 reps max. 



    1 John 3:16 “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”

    With Thanksgiving this week, I commented on how thankful I am for being introduced to F3 four years ago and for the great friendships I have made with the men in F3. 

    Coffeeteria at Panera’s with Funny Car, Scully, Sunshine, Gandalf, Cookie Monster


    Thanksgiving convergence workout at The Playground at 7am (7000 Granby St, Norfolk)

    Hit for the Cycle, a F3 Hampton Roads CSAUP activity, starts 12/5/20. See the post on the Facebook page or the email recently sent for more details. 

    Happy Thanksgiving   

    Funny Car  ❤️