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  • Priorities is back, Baby!  After 2+ weeks of sampling AOs of our brothers in Orlando and Charleston and some extensive research into the side effects of the vacation fartsack, YHC is back and better than ever!  The body may be frail from a 2 week hiatus between posts (Get in the F3 game, Minnesota…) but the soul is rejuvenated and ready to lead the #HIMs of F3 Hampton Roads!

    The week of Priorities begins at #DuckDuckGoose.  If you make it out to a Hampton Roads AO this week your gonna get a little taste of lessons learned from Orlando and Charleston.  Lesson 1 is that we do far too few side straddle hops…

    Disclaimer: YHC has not Qed in 2+ weeks therefore even less of a professional than normal.  Exercise at your own risk.

    Warmup: SSHs x52, IC

    Run: 4 or 5 laps around the lake (depending on pace (or 2 laps if a LIFO…)) with Bear Chases at Bear Crawl Bridge.  (Approximately 2 miles so 5 Pax hit their 1 mile Quad P for Tuesday…)

    Bootcamp:  Deck of Death brought to you from YHC’s post at ExtendedStay. Spades – Carolina Drydocks, Clubs – LBCs, Hearts – Squats, Diamonds – Leg Raises.  Run between play ground and lakeside between each card.  After Aces, run becomes a bear crawl.  Finish the morning with 5 Burpees down hill and back to the flags.

    COT: Numbers/Names

    Words of wisdom come from the Easter message this Sunday from Triple Option Sr. (TO, when are we going to see your dad or brothers out in the gloom?)  YHC perked up when Proverbs 27:17 was quoted, #ISI.  The message was, limit the time you spend with people who drain you.  Extend the amount of time you spend with people that rejuvenate.  For YHC, there is no better rejuvenation than the brothers of F3.

    It takes two for iron to sharpen iron.  Come to F3 to be sharpened.  In order for that to happen someone must also be willing to sharpen.  The challenge is to go out this week and be the file that sharpens others both in the gloom and out.

    Moleskin:  It wasn’t until our last card and about a dozen face cards in a row that Pax started to question the deck.  Turns out YHC must have picked up a Pinochle deck this morning.  Oops…

    @HeardAtF3 Bear Crawls don’t seem so long if you count goose poop as you go… – Deflator

    If you fartsacked this a.m., you get another chance to straighten your priorities tomorrow at BearCountry.

    -Priorities Out.


    F3 Hampton Roads