Archives: Getting Warmer…. Rocky Partner @ Stinkhill

  • When: 20180120
  • QIC: McGruff The Crime Dog
  • The PAX: Scully, Cowboy, McGruff the Crime Dog, ScreenDoor, Dreamliner, Gracie, Sea Worm, Space Monkey, Deflator
  • The sun was just rising and slowly warming the air. 9 PAX bright eyed and bushy tailed showed at Stinkhill for a smashing good time. There was some small chatter and the usual loosening up.


    SSH 25 IC, IW 25 IC, 20 Merkins OQC, LBC’s 25 IC


    Mosey to the main field in front of the Hill. There the PAX survived Uptown 50 with 10Merkins in between. Uptown 50 consisted of Burpee Broad Jumps, Partner Wheelbarrows x’s 2, Walking lunges, Army Crawl, Partner Carry x’s 2, Crab Walking, NUR, AYG.

    Mosey around the big Hill and up the ridge to the rocks. There the PAX endured an AMRAP 8 minutes of 25 Curls, 20 Goblet Squats, 15 Sit ups w/rocks, 25 flutter kicks.

    Mosey back down to the COT. There some MARY was in order. LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Countarama, Namearama.

    At the end we discussed that in order to continue being the best men we can be to everyone, we had to take care of ourselves.  It is extremely important that we take care of our health mentally, physically, and spiritually. Once we do that we are able to take on anything in front of us.