Archives: Give to the Track What Belongs to the Track

  • When: 20171025
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: SubMac, Tow Rope, Cheeks, Funny Car, Deflator, Space Monkey
  • Okay, there is the age-old adage: “It is better to be a week behind with a backblast than a weak behind with a backblast.” No excuse, but kinda funny right?  Am I forgiven for my tardiness?

    Anyway, Dreamliner, our Nantan, said something that was really impactful to YHC several months ago along the lines of working to spend as much time thinking about the COT content as you do about the workout. I have been blessed as a result of leading the bible study to have this material a bit more forward in my mind and have been able to craft workouts around the COT.  To capture the connections you will have to read to the end.  Just know this, the PAX were all happy to have experienced and be done with this beatdown.  YHC is not sure why, it only hurt a lot bit to get out of bed the next morning.


    The Thang:

    Warmarama-Side straddle hops, in cadence (IC) x 17, Hillbilly squats (IC, 15), merkins (IC, 10), Burpees x 10

    Mosey to the football field where we “painted” the bleachers. This was simply running the bleachers but taking a nod from how we “paint” the tennis courts.  The short of it … think writing.

    Once completed, we circled up at a set of numbers painted on the track where YHC explained a modified deck of death. The exercises were the same: spades are burpees, hearts are merkins, clubs are squats, diamonds are big boy situps.  Number of reps for whatever exercise is indicated by the number on the card with face cards being 10 and aces 15.  What was different was that the PAX were split into 4 groups and each group had a set of 12 cards.  There were three cards from each suit in each stack of 12 cards.  YHC informed the PAX that all 2s were removed to accommodate this.  Deck of death was performed by each group drawing 4 cards and completed the prescribed exercises at each set of numbers around the track.  The PAX drew cards, and the implicated exercises from the track, and were simply “giving them back” by performing them around the track.  Once a group completed their exercises, they were to run the bleachers until the six finished that lap.  In all, it would have been 3 complete laps but Father Time would not have it and we only finished 2.5 laps.

    Mosey back to the flag for an explanation and some BOM.

    Countarama, Namarama


    One thing that YHC relishes is when Jesus is snarky. Some ne’er do wells were trying to trap Jesus and asked him if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar or not.  Jesus, in an act of immaculate snark, asks for a coin and asks whose picture is on the coin.  When the reply is Caesar’s, Jesus retorts with “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to Him.”  (Extensive paraphrasing from Matthew 22:15-22) Bam, smackdown delivered!  So, let’s extend that a bit and look at my bro-heme Moses.  Hommie went up a mountain and stayed there for a while (like over a month) in communication with God.  There, he received the laws by which the Jews should abide.  Well, while he was up there, all the folks waiting for him got impatient and started worshiping other things.  Moses was pissed and delivered a smackdown of his own.  As he delivered the law of the land, he also told them to write these words (the laws from God) on their hearts. (Mercilessly paraphrased from Deuteronomy 11 with verse 18 being particularly called out).  So, put this together then.  We are to write God’s word on our hearts and give to God what belongs to Him.  Sounds like we should give our hearts to God.  F3 has been instrumental in helping YHC work towards doing this more and more and I am thankful to have all of our great PAX to support me and to support with this endeavor!

    Ball of man with prayer for issues discussed