Archives: Good things come to those who are patient

  • When: 20170926
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Sprinkler Head (FNG), Carrier (DR – Charlotte), Airwolf, SpaceMonkey, Flaming Couch, Cheeks, Triple Option, Deflator, SubMac, Screen Door, Dreamliner
  • #RecordDay, #RecordDay, #RecordDay at #DuckDuckGoose. Did I mention it was a record day? Hey men, it was a record day at DuckDuckGoose.

    The title of the backblast comes from how this morning progressed. YHC rolls into the AO at 0517 (later than normal) to an empty parking lot. Shortly thereafter, YHC was joined by Carrier (a repeat downrange PAX from Charlotte). Cheeks pulled with 5 or so minutes to spare. YHC knew it was the gloom because YHC had no idea who just pulled in until Cheeks started walking up. [YHC (actually more like Papyrus) EH’d Cheeks for his first post on Sat.]

    This is when the head lights started pulling in and continued to roll up well into the workout (more on that later). All told 11 PAX, 1 FNG (Welcome Sprikler Head who was EH’d by a well-timed Facebook post by Deflator), 1 DR, and 2 second timers (that’s another point, but who is counting).

    Current Growth Standings (It’s anyone’s race):

    1. Triple Option (3 pts.)
    2. Dreamliner (3 pts.)
    3. Cheeks (2 pts.)
    4. Flaming Couch (2 pts.)
    5. A lot of people tied with one point.

    The Thang:
    25 side straddle hops – In Cadence (IC)
    14 merkins – IC
    20 imperial walkers – IC
    30 mountain climbers – IC

    Merkin Lap: 10 merkins as a group at each bench and the tennis courts (and bear crawl bridge, of course).

    SHARKNADO: ~0.15 miles around the perimeter of the field. At start, perform 15 burpees, run lap, 20 diamond merkins, run lap, 20 WW2 sit-ups, run lap, 20 merkins, run lap, 20 scorpion dry docs, and run lap. Performed AMRAP style for 25 minutes.

    Ring of Fire: Flutter kick/6 inches (two PAX exercising)
    25 WWII sit-ups – On my count (OMC)
    25 Hello Dolly’s – IC
    Plank circuit

    Circle of Trust (COT):
    Counterama, name-o-rama
    As men, we have many responsibilities. We are husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, employees, employers, and many other things. It is tempting (at least for YHC) to take the relationship with his M for granite. She is the one who is always there. Everything else changes but she is there. An easy way to keep things in perspective is to imagine your life without her. In comparison, those other relationships do not measure up. Behind your relationship with your creator, that relationship is most important.
    Prayer requests
    Ball of Man (BOM)


    Naked Man Moleskin (NMM):

    Three original DuckDuckGoose redwoods (SubMac, Screen Door, and SpaceMonkey) were missing at the initial COP. This was especially troublesome for SubMac who was overheard by Triple Option last night. PAX: “Are you (SubMac) a HC for tomorrow?” SubMac: “I’m always a HC.” That continued to be a true statement as SubMac met us on the backside of the lake after taking care of a gut bubble this morning on his way to the AO. As for Screen Door, he had a “Dude, where’s my car?” moment. He arose this morning to realize his car was not in the drive way but at the elementary school.  Don (put on) reflective vest, run 1.2 miles, retrieve vehicle, drive to the AO, post. Aye! YHC did not catch SpaceMonkey’s excuse but I am sure it was epic. Feel free to share the mostly true account in the comments section.

    On the 1 minute call left in Sharknado, YHC was challenged by a sprinting Triple Option who used the reserve tank. Strong finish.

    Great work by FNG (Sprinkler Head) and the second timers (Flaming Couch and Cheeks). They pushed themselves and all of us.



    F3 Hampton Roads 1-year anniversary will be celebrated on Sat. Nov. 11 at StinkHill. Details are still in the works but mark the day on the calendar and keep the morning clear. Richmond will be joining us.

    September’s #Growth challenge is coming to a close and it is still anyone’s race. Keep EH’ing. Text, call, stalk (maybe not stalk), anyone you have not seen in a while. Point’s system reminder: 1 pt. for you and FNG, 1 pt. for you and FNG on second post, 1 pt. for kotter (over a month since last post).