Archives: Great Leaders

  • When: 20180515
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Buoy
  • Blessed with beautiful weather, 2 PAX made it to Duck-Duck-Goose ready to excel. Workout started with Warmarama; 25 Side Straddle Hops IC, 10 fwd/10 back Shoulder Circles IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, and 15 Reverse Lunges IC. PAX finished up Warmarama with a leisurely lap around the pond, taking in the wildlife, and attacking bear crawl bridge. YHC hates burpees and bear crawls, so what better than to integrate those exercises into the workout. To get the heart pumping PAX completed 3 rounds of Deconstructed Burpees at 10, 15, and 20 reps IC, with an abs exercise in between each round at 10, 15, and 20 reps IC. Next, PAX completed 4 rounds of Wall of Fire; which included PAX resting in the People’s Chair while the other PAX completed 10 Dips, 10 Erkins, and 10 Step-Ups then switch. A few months ago, YHC suffered a left calf injury and during a workout Q’d by Deflator I could not complete one of the exercises. However, YHC has since recovered and was able to complete the Mission Impossible.  Immediately following the Mission Impossible, PAX went straight into the Bear Crawl 1-2-3. Once accomplished there was a few minutes left to mosey over and grab a 60lb CMU Coupon for Chest Press. PAX completed the Chest Press 25 reps X 4 while other PAX held plank. Finally, the workout was concluded with 20 Leg Lifts IC, 20 WWII Sit-Ups IC, and 20 Scissor Kicks IC.

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    Circle of Trust

    YHC read a quote from John C. Maxwell; “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

    In an attempt to decipher this quote great leaders must have the ability to encourage individuals to focus on a common goal, vision, or dream. Also, displaying your commitment to others ensures that you will earn the respect and trust of those peers. Finally, be sure to lead by example so that you are represented as genuine.