Archives: Grinch's Revenge

  • When: 20201222
  • QIC: Gas Station
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Marvel, Dirt Bike, Billboard, Moneyball, Whitetail, Bing, Two Wheel, Gas Station, Huggies, Wicked, Mango, LinkedIn (FNG – Rck Swink), Matchmaker (FNG-Matt Waclawski)
  • Conditions: Perfect

    PAX: Funny Car, Marvel, Dirt Bike, Billboard, Moneyball, Whitetail, Bing, Two Wheel, Gas Station, Huggies, Wicked, Mango,

    FNGs: LinkedIn, Matchmaker

    DR PAX: None


    Groiners 10 IC

    Sideways Lunges x 10 IC

    5 Burpees OYO

    Give-ups x 10 IC

    Helicopters IC x 10

    Mosey the long way to the Food Lion rear area.

    Tha Thing – Grinch’s Revenge

    Blimps – run to bear crawl bridge, bear crawl over, and run around small pond back to tennis courts. Pick up the six.

    Round 1 – 5 burpees, 10 leg lifts, 15 imperial squat walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 scorpion dry docks.

    Round 2 add 5 reps

    Round 3 add 10 reps (the Grinches heart shrank 3 sizes today).

    Mosey back to the clubhouse.

    Mary (as time permits) 20 reps each

    1. Hammer, 2. Flutter Kicks 3. V-Sit Ups 4. Sideways V-Sit Ups (10 Each Side)


    Proverbs 27:17- As iron Sharpens Iron so one Man Sharpens Another

    A man must be sharpened like a knife blade. In order to sharpen a knife you need a substance harder than the knife in order to remove the impurities of the blade and straighten out the rough edges.

    2 Points I was to make of this.

    1. In order to become sharp we need to have men in our lives that are sharper than us (no one is sharper than us in all areas of life). But they are guaranteed to be sharper in some. We must invite them, nay, implore men who are sharper into our live to sharpen us.
    • Notice that sharpening of a knife is not a chemical process. Its not something that you can take a magic potion and sprinkle it on and BOOM, the knife is sharp. It take a physical reaction. A grinds. And what is left over dust. That dust means that we have to give up stuff to become sharp. The word repent in the bible means to change. It means to discontinue the current course of action and do something differently. Sharpening breaks off the old dust in order to make a sharp, effective blade, ready to be used for its task.


    • 2x New FNGs today! Welcome LinkedIn and Matchmaker
    • Marvel commented that the Grinches Revenge is like a mad sequel that no one wanted to see. It was painful to experience.


    • All AOs will meet on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.
    • New Years Day Convergance at Western Branch High School @ 7AM. Fort Fun will NOT meet this day.
    • Hitting the Cycle – New challenge. Consists of posting 8 times in 8 days (Sat – Sat) then the following week hitting the other AOs not previously posted to. Talk to Funny Car or visit the FB page for more info.
    • Quad P is about workout consistency. UvU. Set your own goal, your own workout and hit it every day during the month. Talk to Marvel if you have questions.

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