Archives: Grindfest 2018

  • When: 20180327
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Buoy, Screen Door, Triple Option, Dreamliner, Space Monkey
  • This was a workout from the way-back-in-time machine.  YHC is ever so slowly trying to get caught up.  That being said, all I remember is that the PAX needed a beatdown, and I needed to make sure they had one.  Here is how everything played out

    Warmarama: Side-straddle hops (in cadence, IC, 20), Good mornings (IC, 10), Sumo Squats (IC, 15), Don Quixotes (IC, 10), Imperial Walkers (IC, 15)

    We moseyed to Speed Bump Alley for what YHC ever-so-comically dubbed Grindfest 2018.  Starting at the first speed bump, the PAX ambulated in a different fashion to each speed bump and performed some exercise starting at 5 reps and increasing to 20 at the last speed bump.  The PAX then reversed course, and reduced reps back to 5.  Each round was different and here is what they were:


    Side Skip, Big boy situps

    Overhead claps, Burpees

    Lunges, Freddy Mercury’s

    Upon completion of Grindfest 2018 (during which there was much mumble chatter about the connotations of a name for such an event), the PAX moseyed back to the flag for some much needed Mary.  Again, YHC felt compelled to fulfill the needs of the PAX so …

    Captain Thors, Scissor kicks paired with position holds, and Rosalitas

    Circle of Trust

    Easter would be coming soon and YHC reminded the PAX to encourage those that have either moved away from the church or had never been to church to attend a service.  In much the same way, Jesus told the parable of the shepherd leaving the flock of 99 for the 1 wayward sheep to emphasize his desire to bring all of his “sheep” into his “fold.”

    Countarama, Namarama, Out

    F3 Hampton Roads