The Thang – Halloween themed Q w/ some ideas borrowed from some creative F3 HIMs. Ran the haunted mile… every park bench someone became ‘possessed’ and called out an exercise at random for 13 reps. Next was Zombie drills…. we ran sprints to the end of the tennis court and back. The slowest guy was presumably bit by a zombie so would drop and do leg lifts while the rest continued their survival training. Sprints were repeated until the last man standing won the title of “most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.” We then did the murderous mozy to the flags w/ a long mozy of lunges, merikins, burpees, CDDs, box cutters, and bunny hops. The Q ended w/ Children of the Abs…. each guy took a turn picking a 13x ab exercise around the circle.

COT – BLUF: Prioritizing filling your time and mind w/ things that make you a better man.