Archives: Hampton Roads Big Data Update – September 2018

  • When: 20181001
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: All Hampton Roads PAX
  • High Impact Men of Hampton Roads,

    It has been entirely too long since my last Big Data Update, but this past month was just too impressive to let the opportunity slip away.  Bottom Line Up Front: although August 2018 was a record month for us, September was even better.

    First and foremost, we had 9 new FNGs! Welcome KiloVolt, Shakespeare, Taps, Hyzer, Tanker, Oscar, Dr. J, Chief, and Reaper!  Thanks for coming out, and we look forward to continuing to see you in the gloom.

    We also had a whopping 4 VQs, #SecondBell.  #TClaps to Catapult, Grinder, Doomsday, and Marvel.  Way to step up and lead gentlemen!

    Of course, TClaps are also due to Freefall for being our newest member of the F3 Hampton Roads Hall of Fame (50 posts in the Hampton Roads region).  Nice work!  See me for some swag.  (That goes for any HOF PAX who have not yet received theirs).

    On to the actual data:

    In September we had 36 workouts.  Our average since launching our 8th permanent AO at #Ironclad in March has been 35.7, so we were right on target.  However, we had 250 posts.  Our average number of posts in a month over the same time period is 177.5, and the previous record was 223 (August 2018).  This corresponds to a new record in average attendance per workout as well with 6.94 (November of 2016 is the only month with more at 10.20, but that is due to the clown cars coming from Richmond and Raleigh during launch.) over the previous record of 6.50 from June and February of 2017 and our average since #Ironclad launch of 4.98.

    There is always more data to discuss, but the bottom line is that F3 Hampton Roads is growing and giving it away.  Keep up the great work!


    Screen Door

    P.S. – Mark your calendars for the F3HR 2-year celebration on Saturday November 3rd at #StinkHill!  For those of you in RVA you owe me at least one clown car…  More details to follow.