Archives: Hampton Roads Two Year Convergence/Birthday

  • When: 20181103
  • QIC: Dreamliner, McGruff, Airwolf
  • The PAX: Finkle, Freefall, Screen Door, Cowbell, SubMac, Armstrong, Mentos, Space Monkey, Orbit, Gunner, Marvel, Snowman, Gandalf, Iron Man, Doomsday, Upgrade, Chief, McGruff, Molly, Airwolf, Dreamliner, Sooner (2ndF), Frozone (2ndF)
  • F3 Hampton Roads has officially turned two years old. The weather was chilly and the sun had yet to rise when the workout kicked off, very similar to our first workout two years ago. Our region has grown month over month ever since with last month being another record month for attendance. Keep giving it away gentlemen.

    The Thang:

    Side straddle hops (SSHs) x40 – In Cadence (IC)
    Burpees x10 – On Your Own (OYO)
    Squats x20 – IC
    Burpees x10 – OYO
    Imperial walkers x15 – IC
    Burpees x10 – OYO

    Hand the Q to McGruff and mosey to Kid’s Cove.

    Bent Jacob: 10 burpees, run to ridge and back, 9 burpees, run to ridge and back, … , 1 burpee, run to ridge and back.

    Hand the Q back to YHC (your humble correspondent). Mosey to field beside Kid’s Cove.

    Ultimate Fris-WWII situps: Similar to ultimate frisbee but with penalty situps. On the 1st turnover, 5 WWIIs for all PAX. On the 2nd turnover, 4 WWIIs. On the 3rd, 3 WWIIs. On the 4th turnover, 2 WWIIs. On the 5th turnover, 1 WWII. If neither team has scored, the remainder of the point is played like regular ultimate frisbee. WWII count resets after every point.
    Point 1: A-F vs. G-Z
    Points 2 and 3: Black shirts vs. colored shirts

    Hand the Q to Airwolf. Mosey over to the hill.

    Escalator Up the Hill: Bottom of hill, 10 merkins. 1/3 way up hill, 10 merkins and 20 big boy situps. 2/3 up, 10 merkins, 20 big boy situps, and 30 lunges. Top of hill, 10 merkins, 20 big boy situps, 30 lunges, and 40 squats. Repeatdo on the way down the hill.

    Mosey to flags. Short Mary.

    After COT, 2ndF (fellowship) event at on-site shelter which included breakfast, cornhole, and Spike Ball.

    Circle of Trust (COT):
    Airwolf shared an excerpt from Admiral McRaven’s speech “If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed” (

    YHC then shared a note that Funny Car sent him yesterday.

    “Dear F3 Hampton Roads Brothers – I’m sorry I can’t be with you this morning as we celebrate two years of F3 in Hampton Roads. The recovery from the open heart surgery is going great. I am blessed to have had the opportunity two years ago to become part of the F3 family. I am thankful for the inspiration from all of you to motivate me to get out of my fartsack most Wednesday and Saturday mornings to enjoy fitness, fellowship, and faith with a great bunch of guys. F3 was instrumental in me being in such good shape to be able to experience such a strong recovery from the surgery. The F3 workouts also helped me to realize something was not right with my heart as I struggled to catch my breath during some exercises. I’m looking forward to coming back stronger and faster. But the greatest benefit being part of F3 are the friendships I have made with each of you. Thank you. – Funny car ?”

    Prayer requests.
    Ball of Man.


    Nov 17: F3 Hampton Roads will be serving its community by volunteering at the Peninsula Rescue Mission (PRM) immediately following each of the Sat. AOs. We will try to begin by 9:00 a.m. We will be volunteering in at their thrift store completing their highest need action items. The homeless men PRM ministers to are often given temporary jobs at the thrift store as they seek other work. Please let me know if you come (336-817-1793).

    March 22-24: GrowRuck (Grow School + GoRuck Tough) Virginia. Clear your calendars now.
    Location: Richmond, VA
    Schedule: Friday night 2ndF Event, Saturday AM workout + GrowSchool, Saturday PM GORUCK Tough (12-14 hours), Sunday AM breakfast
    Cost: $150 (for GoRuck Tough)
    More details to come.

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