Archives: Heed the words of Promo

  • When: 
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: Bundy, Dreamliner, Gump, Turtle, Promo, DriveBy, Welcome Week, Borat, CornStache
  • YHC takes some time when developing a route, and tries to make runs challenging, interesting, yet not too difficult to follow.  Making a Ramble Wednesday route is always a treat.  It’s a chance to try something new, some new hills, a new neighborhood or a different side of town.  You have the distance to have a little more freedom, and you have the pax that can take a little more of a challenge.

    This Wednesday was the third one in a row where the Q had to back out at the last minute. On the previous two, our handy historian grabbed the Q faster then you could say reconstruction.  So, when YHC got the groupme that Cess was out of town, he didn’t hesitate to jump up and grab the Q.  Unfortunately for the pax, this route was none easier.

    Conditions: ~50s

    The Thang: from SPC head South on Woodrow, left on Wheat, left on Kilbourne, left on Claremont Dr, left on Beltline, left on Trenholm, right on Sunnyside, left on Girardeau, left on Glenwood, right on Stratford, left on Manning, left on Gervais, right on Maple, right on Devine and back to SPC

    YHC had 6.5 miles and 222 ft of elevation gain.

    COT and BOM by Gump.


    • YHC screwed the above route in two ways, there should have been a left on Deans lane, and we made a wrong turn on Stratford.  Promo tried to tell YHC these two things while he was explaining the map only to be called a colorful name by YHC. Promo knows what he’s talking about.  Listen.
    • The F3 Xmas party is fast approaching.  YHC is bringing some delicious roasted vegetables, sing up for what you’ll bring here.
    • Nice to have Dreamliner join us from the Virgina Beach area.  It sounds like they have a nice group up there that is quickly growing.