Archives: HOF Day at StinkHill

  • When:¬†20170923
  • QIC:¬†Scully
  • The PAX: Gandolf, Dreamliner, Clifford, Stretchy, Flaming Couch (FNG), Average Joe, Triple Option, Cheeks (FNG), Mentos, Free fall, Submac, Spacemonkey, Screen Door, Bachelor Pad, Deflator, Alright Alright, Scully
  • YHC was thrilled to have 17 pax, including Alright Alright down range from Dallas, repeat down ranger Stretchy, FNG’s Cheeks and Flaming Couch, and our newest hall of famer Triple Option embrace the Saturday morning gloom at StinkHill. After introductions and the disclaimer, we got started:

    ABE VIGODA 20 IC (Apparently YHC’s cadence was a little too fast paced for our visitor from Dallas… guess everything in Texas is not only bigger, but also SLOWER)
    LBCS 40 OYO


    Indian Run around StinkHill passing off Lady Glittersparkle and the Three Pigs (3′-4′ logs) as we made our way around the circuit….Pax definitely need to work on our exchanges as there were many awkward (and time consuming) handoffs enroute that delayed our progress.

    Finally at the base of StinkHill, YHC made an ill-advised call for the Pax to pair up for BOMBS with one partner making his way to the summit while his counterpart performed the following until his partner returned:

    Burpees 50
    Overhead Claps 100
    Merkins 150
    Big Boys 200
    Squats 250

    YHC clearly underestimated the toll traversing StinkHill would take on his legs (and lungs) and was regretting the call while still just performing Overhead Claps. The only gratifying sight was seeing Dreamliner slow to a walk (even if only for an instant) on one of his many treks to the top. Proud to say that the Pax rose to the occasion though and gritted out the entire set.

    From there, we proceeded, with Lady Gittersparkle and the Three Pigs in tow to the playground adjacent to Scully Park for two partner rounds of 10 pull-ups and AMRAP Lunges and then, with time running out, Deflator led us back to the flags chanting in unison the lyrics to “Jody”…what I’m sure will become a very familiar verse to the HR Pax in the years to come.


    Short on time, the Pax went right thru Counterama and Namerama, and a few brief announcements before YHC ended the festivities with a brief verse that sums up, at least partly, (perhaps the most important part?) why we do what we do as F3Nation:

    Mathew 18:20
    For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”


    Remember Pax, share the gift that is F3. Not only is it a gift to others, but by sharing it, it comes back as a gift to ourselves many times over in what each new Pax brings to our table.

    Bring the F3 light into another’s world by introducing them to the Gloom,



    F3 Hampton Roads