Archives: Hold the Line

  • When: 20180523
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Yoast, Funny Car, Buoy
  • 4 PAX enjoyed the company of each other and were ready to grow physically and mentally. The weather was gorgeous out at Bear Country.


    20 Side Straddle Hops IC

    15 Imperial Walkers IC

    15 Through the Tunnel

    10 fwd/10 back Shoulder Circles IC


    PAX finished up Warmarama then moseyed over to the track. YHC decided to set the tone of the workout by having the PAX complete the Deconstructed Burpee Mile, which included 10 reps each of squats, leg thrusts, merkins, then leg thrusts followed up by a quarter mile lap. Reps increased to 15, 20, 25 respectively after each lap. Next, PAX tackled 3 sets of Inchworm and then moseyed back to the flag. YHC then brought forth an 8ft landscaping timber to have the PAX Hold the Line. YHC had the PAX all hold the timber simultaneously and they accomplished 20 reps of left and right-side shoulder raises IC then 20 reps of left and right-side front shoulder raises. To allow PAX to catch their breath YHC proceeded with a CoP core workout that included 10 flutter kicks RoF, 30 LBC IC, 20 Big Boys IC, and 15 Leg Lifts IC. Once complete YHC continued to Hold the Line by having 2 PAX hold the timber on either end while the other 2 PAX placed their feet on timber in the Derkin position. While the 2 PAX were holding Derkin the other 2 PAX completed 15 reps of simultaneous squats IC and then the PAX switched completing 2 sets. Finally, 2 PAX held timer on either end while 1 PAX held Derkin. The 2 PAX curled the timber at 20 reps simultaneously IC and rotated completing 2 sets.

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    Circle of Trust

    YHC read a quote from the Book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; “Indeed, the important question in terms of becoming more peaceful isn’t whether or not you’re going to have negative thoughts-you are- it’s what you choose to do with the ones you have.”

    This particular quote literally hits home for me. Don’t allow the small insignificant things of our lives affect the outcome of your day. These battles are unproductive and can be draining on the relationships with our spouses, friends, and family. Stay focused on what is important in life.