Archives: Homegrown Double Digit Midget

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  • QIC: Priorities
  • The PAX: Mentos, Dreamliner, Scully, Triple Option, Hot Corner, Screen Door, Bachelor Pad (FNG), SubMac (FNG), Cliffhanger (FNG)
  • A record 10 homegrown Pax including 3 FNGs took off on a Mosey and just never stopped.  A VQ from YHC and here’s how it went:

    After a disclaimer on YHC’s utmost nonprofessionalism, a little warmarama all IC: Side Straddle Hops X20, LBC’s x25, Windmills (Side Fwd/back, front fwd/back, overhead fwd/back) x10, Imperial Walkers x20

    The Thang:

    Mosey 1/4 around the lake to the first set of 7s – Dips and Derkins (own pace)

    Another 1/4 Mosey to set two of 7s – Lunges and Squats (IC)

    Mosey another 1/4 way around the lake for more 7s – Merkins and Russian Twists

    Finish the lap around the lake (1.5 miles total) for the last set of 7s – Burpees and Flutter Kicks

    YHC had every intention of doing another lap around the lake but was unapolagetically glad we didn’t have enough time so it was a sprint up #StinkHill for some Rock Olympics.  Circle up with your rock, dealers choice for a 10 count exercise rotating after each.

    A last ditch effort was made to tire out Dreamliner so it was a sprint to the methane pole and burpees until everyone caught up.  As Dreamliner sprinted off, everyone else moseyed and enjoyed watching the dozen or so burpees performed.  I feel it had no effect on the champs level of tiredness.

    Mosey down the stairs and back to shovel flags for 5 minutes of Mary.  Started off with LBCs x20 and hello dolly’s x15.  YHC brought out two new exercises first discovered watching his 2.0s karate class.  The first called Banana Supermans was an exercise consisting of switching between reaching for your toes on your 6 and then to the superman position.  It didn’t seem to go over well.  The 2nd new exercise seemed to bring more fanfare.  The first ever stink hill duck jousting tournament (battling against each other to be the last man “standing” in a duck walk position) was won by Scully who’s strategy of just staying out of the way seemed to serve him well.

    Circle of Trust (COT)

    Some words to live by in YHC’s house that apply to working out, parenting, marriage and wherever you’d like:  I might get tired in it but I’ll never get tired of it.  No matter what we’re dealing with, the pain is temporary and will always be worth the camaraderie with my fellow Pax, the joy I get from my 2.0s and the love I share with my M.


    Mentos was always coming in last after a Mosey and for good reason.  We all got to see how freaking heavy his ruck sack is during rock olympics.  Mad TClaps to Mentos for his GoRuck training.

    At Coffeteria it was discovered that YHC, SubMac and Screen Door have a mutual obsession with wood and will likely be opening a lumber mill at some point in the future.

    Triple Option ran around the whole lake without puking.  We must be doing something right.

    That’s it.

    Priorities out.


    F3 Hampton Roads