Archives: Honor the Ark

  • When: 20171019
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Scout, Airwolf, Dr. Beeps, Screen Door, Deflator, Space Monkey
  • This was the third workout to precede our Fall bible study series where we are going through Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” YHC was inspired by the example of Day 9 of someone that not only was able to hear God’s purpose, but to pursue it whole-heartedly, Noah.  If that is not something to honor, what is.  We honored it in the only way F3 can, with a beatdown.


    The Thang:

    Warmarama-Side straddle hops, in cadence (IC) (40 … for the number of days and nights it rained), Don Quixotes (IC, 15), squats (IC, 15), Burpees x 10

    Short mosey to the tennis field where YHC explained that, with it raining for 40 days and nights, Noah needed to stay fit. What better way than a Burpee at sunrise and sunset.  Also, animals went in the ark by twos, so everyone needed a partner.  4 groups were stationed at each corner of the tennis courts.  At two opposing corners, the PAX did 10 burpees (day and night corners).  AMRAP squats at one of the other corners and AMRAP big boy sit-ups at the remaining corner.  PAX sprinted counter-clockwise to the next corner after completing 10 burpees and, once there, the PAX at that corner lunge-walked to the next burpee corner.  We completed this for 4 cycles … number of days and nights.

    Mosey to the picnic tables where YHC explained that Noah probably experienced his ups and downs and we would recreate that by, with our partner, doing step-ups and dips. 4 picnic tables, exercises changed from 10 step-ups and 4 dips at the first table to 4 step-ups and 10 dips at the last with a set of two PAX starting at each station.  Once a series of exercises was completed, everyone shifted to the next table for the next reps (i.e., second station was 8 step-ups and 6 dips).  After one cycle, we moseyed to the flag

    Dreamliner, in typical Nantan fashion, failed miserably at the mosey. He performed a fosey (a fast mosey) back to the flags and was automatically disqualified from the prize pool ($0.00) for best worker-outer this morning.  Once the rest of the PAX, who followed the Q’s instructions, arrived at the flags, YHC reminded them that Noah built the ark out of gopher bark.  Therefore, we were going to “gopher broke,” see what I did there, by finishing with an AMRAP (rounds not reps).  To complete the ark materials association, each round would consist of an increase in the number of reps of each exercise by 1 with a round consisting of a burpee (B), arm circles (A, 4 count forward and reverse), leg raises (R, 4 count), and bicycle kicks (K, 4 count).  Most PAX completed 9 rounds with a few completing 10 (Aye!).

    With YHC’s time up, the next items on the docket were Countarama, Namarama, and Devo:

    Noah never built a boat, navigated a boat, and lived in a desert. It is safe to say, God’s call to build the ark, which was massive, was not within Noah’s daily list of activities.  And it took him a very, VERY long time.  Therefore, it is also safe to say that he had to skip out on some activities in his life for this project.  Still, Noah headed God’s call and, well, we are all here because of it.  Thanks great X 500 grandpa!

    YHC shared that, it is very difficult for him to decipher if he is hearing (has ever heard) what God is calling him to do. Even if you get there though, the next necessary step is to purse that calling (purpose) without hesitation and with full conviction.  Another, nearly impossible task.  All were encouraged to listen for God’s call in their lives and to head that call with true dedication.

    Ball of man with prayer then, it was off to the bible study for some folks. TClaps to Dreamliner for heading the discussion this morning as YHC had a road trip for work that called him away.