Archives: Hot Potato at Bear Country – And the Debut of the F3 Jody

  • When: 20170906
  • QIC: Dreamliner, Deflator, Submac, Funny Car
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Deflator, Submac, Funny Car
  • 4 PAX converged on a morning that threatened but did not deliver rain, rudderless without the scheduled Q.  Undaunted, a “hot potato” workout was declared and the PAX began an ad-hoc workout.  And the results were EXCELLENT.  The following is a recitation from YHC’s memory so the details might be a bit off..

    Warm-o-rama (Deflator):  20 Imperial Walkers IC, Calf Raises, SS Hops sung to the debut of the F3 Hampton Roads’ first Jody, 10 Mountain Goaters IC.  For those unfamiliar, a Jody is a song used for military cadence, like during running or marching.  This is a Deflator original, dropped like a hot new single in the Top 40 countdown, in the hopes of starting a unique aspect of a F3-HR workout.  We did pretty good given the lack of military experience in the group.  It will improve over time, I am sure.  Here it is, outlining the F3 Principles:

    Welcome to the Gloom, This is F3!

    Sing the Principles along with me

    The first one is: workouts are free

    I don’t pay you, and you don’t pay me.

    The second one is: open to all men

    Bring an FNG every now and then.

    The third one is: we’re rain or shine

    Hot or cold – Fartsack?  Decline!

    The fourth one is:  rotate the Q

    Only Q what you can do.

    The fifth one is: end with Circle of Trust

    Hold your nose if you must.

    Those are the Principles of F3

    Go be the best man you can be!

    The Thang Part 1 (Dreamliner): Mosey to the track, pickup a ridiculous sized tire.  PAX paired up in twos, first two flipped it one direction for one minute, next two flipped it back for one minute.  Repeat-o.  Smoke-o.

    The Thang Part 2 (Submac): Mosey to the tennis courts and paint ’em up.  Memories of Priorities…..

    The Thang, Part 3 (Funny Car):  Mosey to the pull up bars (pull up bars??? they do exist!!!)  Pair up, 1 PAX pulls up while the other squats.  Alternate.  At this point, PAX were running out of smoke.  Goal was to complete 10 pull ups each cycle – admittedly some of us fell a bit short of that goal.

    The Thang, Part 4 (Dreamliner): Mosey back to the tire, pair up again, each flips for 30 sec while the others lunge. Swap for the next 30 seconds.  Put the damn tire away.

    The Thang Part 5 (Deflator):  Reesestrong “the hard way” mini training session with a lap around the track broken up by 25 Merkins and 25 squats at the 1/4 points.

    The Thang Part 6 (Dreamliner):  Mosey back to the flags for some abs.  20 BB Situps OYO.

    Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, BOM, and the hot potato was cooked.

    Moleskin – Kudos to the PAX for a great workout made up on the fly.  Shows why rotating the Q is a good idea!