Archives: Hot Potato

  • When: 20180823
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Marvel, Space Monkey, Screen Door, Stick, Bacon, Grinder, Shebear, Sensei
  • We had an extraordinary showing today with 9 PAX coming out to QQH, ready to sweat.  The workout today was a bit unconventional and intriguing b/c several PAX rotated the Q every 5-10 minutes to gain some experience in leading a workout. The weather at QQH was by far the best day of the Summer and humidity must have been at zero.


    The Thang


    25 Side Straddle Hops IC

    20 Through the Tunnel IC

    10 fwd/10 back Shoulder Circles IC

    10 Chinooks IC



    Once warmarama was complete, YHC and fellow PAX moseyed their way around the QQH lake, paid the toll for the bridge with a Bear Crawl, and stopped at the tennis court. YHC then passed the Q off to Space Monkey who led us in a 4 corners workout. PAX split up amongst the 4 corners completing different exercise at each corner. The exercises were Merkins, Burpees, Squats, and Big Boy Sit-ups. The exercises at each corner were completed AMRAP style for 1 minute and then PAX would run to the next corner. Once complete, Space Monkey willing passed the Q over to Grinder. Since we were already on the Tennis Court he decided that Agassi’s were a must. While partnering up one PAX was completing Agassi’s while the partner completed Step-ups. When several rounds were completed Marvel took over the Q and thought it would be a great time to introduce Dora. The Dora circuit was modified to include 50 Merkins, 100 Lunges, and 150 LBCs. Screen Door picked up the Q and had the PAX complete 7s for sake of time instead of 11s, which included Derkins and Dips. Shebear suggested another 7s workout with left and right leg dips. With 7 minutes left, Space Monkey started a Mary circuit that alternated between PAX and consisted of 20 Frog Crunches IC, 20 Leg Lifts IC, 15 Scissor Kicks IC, 15 Flutter Kicks IC, 15 American Hammers IC, and ABCs.


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    Circle of Trust

    I am thankful for the group of men represented in F3. Lets make sure we are there for each other.