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  • QIC: Dreamliner, Priorities, Screen Door
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Priorities, Screen Door, Space Monkey
  • Four #BearCountry regulars braved the puddles this morning.  Walk On was scheduled to lead the PAX but he is currently on the DL.  Hope you get better soon, Walk On!  In the absence of the scheduled QIC, we decided to bring hot potato to Hampton Roads.  Here’s how it went.

    WARMARAMA (Screen Door): 30 SSH, 10 Hillbilly Walkers, 10 Don Quixotes

    THE THANG: (Dreamliner) Mosey to the benches at the front of the school for elevens of box jumps and derkins.

    (Priorities) Mosey on an exploratory mission around the AO before painting the lines on all eight tennis courts.

    (Screen Door) Mosey past the high school with a slalom through the columns supporting the bus line awning, ending with a set of 15 burpees OMC.

    (Dreamliner) Quick jaunt to the pullup bars for two sets of partner inverted rows with a set of wide grip pullups in the middle. All sets to failure.

    (Priorities) Mosey to the bleachers to grab our friend the tire. Team tire flips down the track for 100 yards periodically rotating positions on the tire. This was followed by 10 box jumps and 10 dips on the tire, repeato for a second set before rolling the tire back home.

    (Screen Door) Mosey back out to the track stopping on the first set of numbers for 5 burpees OYO then mosry back to the flags.

    MARY: (Screen Door) To this point the PAX was thoroughly soaked from the knees down, but YHC doomed the backs and backsides with Mary. 10 Dr. Ws (8 count exercise on your six starting with legs held at six inches, perform a hello dolly, raise legs to rosalita position but before putting ankles back together crunch up with arms extended between legs to form a W, then back down, finish the rosalita, and return legs to six inches), 10 Crunchy Frogs, 10 Freddy Mercuries.

    COT was abbreviated and followed by BOM around Space Monkey to pray for his upcoming appointment to investigate his concerning symptoms. Space Monkey, good to have you with is this morning. #TClaps for posting while on light duty. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, brother.

    NMM:  Keep an eye out for announcements via all media outlets. Here is a short list.

    Upcoming Bible study with Space Monkey.

    Last chance to post with Priorities and sign the F3 flag.

    Start of June Quad Ps, Big Boy Situps and F3HR tweets. Sign up now.

    VQ week fast approaching.

    I think that’s all for now. Screen Door out.