Archives: How do you justify an 11's themed beatdown

  • When: 20180516
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Yoast, Buoy, Funny Car, Walk On, Space Monkey
  • It was May 16th, so 16 (the day) minus 5 (the month) equals 11.  Therefore, YHC had no choice but to do an 11’s themed beatdown.  Here is how it went down:

    Warmarama: Side straddle hops (20, in cadence, IC); shoulder circles (11, IC, both directions); good mornings (11, IC); otter crunches (22, IC)

    The PAX moseyed to the bleachers by the track where the mysterious number of reps for exercises was revealed.  These PAX are precision machines of wonder though and many had neared the solution already.

    First set of 11’s was performed by running up the bleachers between exercises:  Merkins at the bottom and squats at the top.

    Second set of 11’s was performed with burpees (5) between each round: dips and big boy situps

    Third set of 11’s was performed with lunge steps between exercises: Carolina Dry Docks and 4-count otter crunches

    Upon mosey back to the flag, it was determined that the allotted time for our workout had expired.

    Countarama, Namarama

    YHC relayed to the PAX that I was reading through the bible and was nearing the end of the lively book of Exodus.  As detailed descriptions of the building of the tabernacle were being described, I struggled to find relation.  One thing that did catch my attention was the onyx stones on the ephod worn by Aaron.  Each was inscribed with the names of the tribes of Israel and were integrated into the shoulders of the ephod.  They served two purposes: to remind the people of Israel that Aaron was the representative of all of them before God and to remind Aaron of the responsibility he had to all of the tribes of Israel.  We have similar objects that declare our responsibilities, wedding rings, tattoos, uniforms, and badges.  However, many of our responsibilities are worn on our hearts and are the most difficult to demonstrate to others, as well as keep in our conscious.  Spiritually, we are called to keep the word of God (the Bible) inscribed on our hearts, see the verse below, to both remind us of our commitment to God and declaration of the sacrifice Jesus made for us as well as encourage us to outwardly demonstrate that declaration to all those we encounter.  I am ecstatic to say the PAX in F3 Hampton Roads have inculcated that mission as demonstrated by every AO I post to or event I attend.  Thank you everyone for being such exemplars of great faith and for the opportunity to interact with you all.

    Proverbs 7:3 “Tie them on your fingers as a reminder.  Write them deep within your heart.”


    Space Monkey