Archives: How Many Steps Was That?

  • When:¬†20190716
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Pyro (Jacksonville, FL), Cowboy, Scully, McGruff, Sunshine, Dreamliner
  • Brought one last F3 Grandstrand style beatdown. The PAX of Virginia Beach have decided they really do not like their southern counterparts.

    YHC rolled in hot this morning so we got straight to work.

    The Thang:

    Through-the-tunnels x15 In Cadence (IC)
    Imperial Walkers x15 IC
    Side Straddle Hops x20 IC
    Michael Phelps x10 IC

    Mosey to the top of the hill and retrieve coupons (aka rocks).

    11s up and down the stairs with 4-count curls at the top and burpees at the bottom. Including the initial trip up and the return trip down that’s 11 trips up and down. At 72 steps per trip (former staircase, this may have changed) that is a total of 792 steps up and 792 steps down.

    Mt. Trashmore has built new bathrooms at the base of the hill. We lined up against the wall. All PAX perform wall sit. Far right PAX proceeds to perform 5 dips at each PAX using their knees as bars. Once all dips completed assume wall sit at far left of PAX. Continue this rotation until all PAX have transited twice. This circuit lead to several comments by the PAX including a “nothing happening here” as a runner came by us.

    Mosey to the Flag.

    Finish with 5 minutes of Mary.

    Circle of Trust (COT):

    Story of Joshua’s and the Israelites’ capture of the city of Ai. They setup an ambush to take the city by luring the warriors outside of the gates. The people in the shadows were instrumental in the victory. Similarly, it is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. We see this play out in F3 all the time. F3 is larger and has more impact than most companies, non-profits, and organizations; however, they accomplish all of it without a single person on the payroll. What would our lives look like if we applied this same principle to other aspects of our lives?
    Ball of Man (BOM)


    #StinkHill AO (Saturday mornings from 7-8am) has relocated to Hillier Ignite Fitness Park located on the oceanfront at 36th Street. This new AO will be named Ignite and in addition to the sand and surf, offers the Pax an opportunity to utilize the wide array of fitness apparatus available on site. #ignitevbfitness

    Colonial 200 Relay ( September 13-14. Let Cowboy know if you are interested.

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