Archives: I Come to the Garden Almost Alone

  • When: 20180329
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Scout, Screen Door
  • YHC was glad to see Scout standing in the gloom when there were no other cars in the parking lot at #QuackQuackHonk this morning.  Together we did some work to keep the fartsack monster at bay.  Here’s how it went.

    Warmarama: 15x Good Mornings, 15x Imperial Walkers

    The Thang:  Two laps around the lake to log a mile toward the monthly challenge.  Back at the flag performed one set of merkins AMRAP to failure followed by one set of flutter kicks AMRAP to failure.  Once both PAX were complete we departed for another two laps for a second mile.  This was followed by another round of merkins and flutter kicks to failure.  A fifth and sixth lap around the lake gave us a third mile for the books.  Once again at the flags we performed 30 burpees OYO.

    Mary:  20x Big Boy Situps, 20x Rosalitas, 20x American Hammers

    Counterama, Namerama

    COT: Today being the day before Good Friday, it is the day we commemorate Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane prior to his betrayal.  He took two of his disciples with Him to the garden and told them to stand watch while he went deeper into the garden to pray (represented by the first mile).  Jesus returned to the disciples after an hour and found them asleep, unable to stand guard as He told them (represented by the first round of exercises to failure).  Jesus again went into the garden alone to pray, and after a time returned to find that His disciples had again fallen asleep (represented by the second mile and exercises to failure).  A third time Jesus went into the garden to pray, and upon His return was met by Roman soldiers, having been betrayed by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver (represented by the 30 burpees).  Jesus kept the location of the Last Supper secret so that He would not be interrupted during that special time with His disciples, but He made no effort to keep quiet His presence in the garden of Gethsemane.  He knew that He would be betrayed, and yet He willingly faced the results in order to save us.  I cannot conceive of courage like that, and pray that I might have a fraction of that courage to face the trials and tribulations that I have in my life.

    Announcements:  We are launching our newest AO #Ironclad  at City Center at Oyster Point this Saturday 3/31/18.  This is a great opportunity to bring FNGs from the peninsula.