Archives: I Have a Man Crush on Tony Horton

  • When: 20190314
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: SpaceMonkey, Dreamliner, Airwolf, Deflator, Marvel, Musket, Double Fault
  • Warmorama
    Double knee pull x10Double pigeon pull x10Double quad pull x10Egoscue stretch x10Jack Attack (T x10, Jump x10, Press x10)Good morning merkins x10

    The thang
    Journey around the lake, stopping at each bench and perform a minute of each of the following exercises, inspired (copied) from the exercise routines of Tony Horton of P90X fame
    Double uppercut sprawlSide lunge jumpshotPlank Sphinx pushupsCrescent – chairStaggered pushupsDown dog crunchElbow over top sprawlLunge pushupsY (correction: V) lungesHip drop twistSpeed bike x50Long jump sprint
    Mosey back to flags for a few Minutes of MaryAbrinomeSide bananaDolphin hopsC-Y reach
    Count and name

    COT:  Matthew 26:10-13 she has just done something wonderfully significant for me…you can be sure that wherever in the whole world the message is preached, what she has just done is going to be remembered and admired. 
    Passage reminds YHC to thank his wife for all she does for the family.  We recently had a great trip to Disney, all planned and orchestrated by her, with memories that will last a lifetime.  She does a lot of that kind of thing and deserves praise that sometimes I am remiss in providing. 

    NMM:  always a pleasure returning to my F3 roots.  I hope you guys enjoyed the exercise diversity.  Contact me if you need a refresher on what it was.