Archives: Impromptu Q – Burpee Edition

  • When: 20171010
  • QIC: Sunshine
  • The PAX: Skully, Cowboy
  • Dragged my sorry butt to #stankhill this morning and was delighted to see Skully there (said nobody ever).  He, of course, had a glazed over look on his face (it was dark so wasn’t sure), and gave me two options since it was just us.  Option 1: Burpee Death Sentence His way.  Option 2: I run the Q and choose a life sentence of burpees.  The obvious choice was to Q it myself.  As were making the decision, Cowboy rolls up like a bat out of hell, and races over to the flags.  We started out with our standard warm up, then we decided to mosey over to the play ground.  Once at the playground we did workout #1 – 10 Burpees and 10 Dips decreasing down to 1.  This started out ok, then got a little hairy around 5.  Mumble chatter was non existent around 1, putting us at 55 on the day so far.  After a 20 count, we made our way to the 1st set of canopy’s for a workout #2 – Elevens of Carolina Dry Docks and WWII sits ups.  As you can imagine, are arms were dead half way through.  Once we completed that, we ran up the hill, and made our way over to the rocks for workout #3.  Everyone calls out a movement, but on my call out, we start off with 10 burpees.  After going around 3 times, this put us at 85 burpees.  We then mosey back down to the flag, stopping twice to do 5 burpees, then doing 5 burpees once at the flags.  Final count for burpees was 100.

    F3 Hampton Roads