Archives: Intentional

  • When: 20180905
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Funny Car, Submac, Buoy, Shakespeare (FNG), Space Monkey
  • YHC has been peering through the pages of the bible for some time now and has aspired to inculcate themes from my reading into workouts I Q when possible. This swampy, muggy morning at Bear Country was no exception.

    Warmarama: Side straddle hops (in cadence, IC, 15 reps); good mornings (IC, 10 reps); Michael Phelps (IC, 10 reps); air squats (IC, 10 reps); shoulder circles, IC, 10 reps each direction)

    The Thang: YHC often employs friendly competition into the beatdowns. After mentioning it had been a while, mumble chatter indicated that it had only been a few days.  Nonetheless, the regiment for the day was set and off we went.  After a brief mosey to the far speed bump, YHC rapidly paired up the PAX and laid out the plan.  Two pairs of PAX would perform an exercise, each pair posted at a speed bump while the third pair (doing the math means there were 6 PAX that posted Aye!) perambulated between the speed bumps in a defined fashion.   The first pair to reach a designated number of reps for the exercise was the champion of that round and won … nothing.  The exercises were:

    Round 1. 100 burpees with lunge walking

    Round 2. 200 big boi situps with bear crawling

    Round 3. 300 sumo squats with crab walking

    Between each round, the PAX performed a 10 count of intentional thinkers (look back for a definition) alternating legs for each round … to even out muscle conditioning of course.   Next, we undertook a round of 11s starting with merkins followed by dips.  Finally, there were 9 bear paw prints on the sidewalk.  What better way to end a beatdown than to do more burpees, I can’t think of any.  So, increasing burpees from 1 to 9 as we progressed around the bear prints.

    Mary: In the remaining minutes, I dusted off my Mary book and we performed 100 LBCs, leg-scribed alphabet, and something else that escapes YHC’s aged medulla oblongata.

    Countarama, Namarama

    COT: I told the PAX that I will be embarking on a Daniel Fast in the near future and, although a lot of the focus is on the dietary restrictions, really that is only half of the purpose. The other half is to be intentional with your walk, especially during the fast.  Making a deliberate effort to read and meditate on the bible, carrying a purpose-driven mindset throughout your day, and taking time to introspectively evaluate your faith are all tenants of a successful Daniel fast.  YHC encouraged the PAX to work to incorporate intention in their spiritual walks as they move through their daily lives.

    F3 Hampton Roads