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  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Fabio, Priorities, SubMac, Dreamliner
  • #QuackQuackHonk had the second official workout this morning. As this new AO finds its identity, the type of workout is up to the Q that week. Last week, Priorities led us on 30 minute mosey around the lake. This morning, YHC brought a 45 minute bootcamp. What will happen next week??? Post to find out.

    20 side straddle hops (In cadence (IC)), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 20 merkins (On my count). Priorities attempted to hum “Imperial March” from Star Wars during Imperial Walkers, evidently this required way too much coordination. YHC was laughing too much and almost lost count. Some things work, some don’t. This one did not. So, we move on.

    The Thang:
    Mosey to first corner to by the love seat. No love was lost here though for this corner. 10 partner burpees (second partner holds plank while PAX jumps over legs during burpees) followed by 10 Big Boy situps. Rinse and repeat. SubMac evened the numbers during mosey. Wilson (F3 Richmond) would be proud as he hates odd numbers.
    Mosey around lake to first dock.
    Plank walk (lunge walk to end of dock), 10 merkins, mosey back to start of dock. Rinse and repeat (3 rounds).
    Mosey back to flags. YHC had pre-placed flags this morning to use as props. This did not go unnoticed by Fabio who was “Swirly early” (F3 Richmond) this morning beating YHC to the AO.
    Begin modified Charles Bronson. At starting flag, perform 50 side straddle hops, sprint to trees (approximately 40 yards), then army crawl to sidewalk and back to trees, sprint back to starting flag, finish with mosey around other flag. Rinse and repeat with 50 merkins, 25 burpees, and 50 squats.
    The sprint began with first PAX to complete required number of reps. The PAX assumed this would be YHC. This was not the case for side straddle hops where SubMac questioned my count before Fabio was the first to 50.
    WWII situps ladder (up to 8) between flags.
    Dealer’s choice Mary with Box Cutters (IC), little baby crunches (LBCs) (OYO), flutter kicks (IC) with a nice 6 inch hold at end, finish with Captain Thor.

    Circle of Trust (COT):
    A set of introspective questions:
    How we are doing as the spiritual servant leader of our homes?
    Can my M (wife) and kids (2.0s) look to me as an example of someone who lives out their faith?
    How often do we “check out” when we walk through the door after killing it all day at work?
    How often do we just want [Insert name here] time once we get back home?

    Colonial70 on April 29th. One spot still available to replace current alternate.
    3rdF opportunity on April 30th. Details to follow from SpaceMonkey.
    Fabio may need to renamed “Bracket King” as, pending upsets by both Oregon and South Carolina, he will become the inaugural F3 Hampton Roads bracket challenge winner.