Archives: Irkin, Not Twerkin, at BearCountry

  • When: 20200422
  • QIC: Lawnboy
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Lawnboy, Planer, Funny Car, Yoast
  • Warmarama

    Arm swirls forward and reverse – 10

    Raise the roof – 10

    SSH – 10

    Abe Vigodas – 10

    Slow squats – 10

    Through the tunnel – 10

    The Thang

    • Mosey to track
    • Complete 20 irkins then run 200 meters – OYO; repeat 4x
    • Tabata: 20 seconds max effort, 10 seconds rest; two exercises paired together for three sets of each; there was music, but thankfully, no twerking.
      • Squats, Lunges
      • Mountain climbers, Plank jacks
      • Monkey jumpers, Apolo Ohnos
      • Run 400 m
      • Freddie Mercuries, Leg raises
      • Up downs, Jump squats
      • Nolan Ryan left, Nolan Ryan right
    • Mosey to parking lot
    • 11s with Lt. Dangers and Burpees (the counts were shortened due to time running out)


    Special prayers for Planer’s new nephew who was born in the driveway without incident this week.


    Most of the chatter was strategy planning for the upcoming F3 virtual relay – should the 1st 400m be run all out or hold some back?

    There was general happiness that we were spared from rain on a Wednesday morning and for more light in the mornings now.

    Several PAX stayed for coffee in the parking lot after


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