Archives: IRONCLAD 2020 Greatest Hits

  • When: 20201226
  • QIC: Gunner
  • The PAX: Wicked, Marvel, Gunner
  • Warm-a-rama

    Side Straddle Hops

    Mountain Climbers

    Through the Tunnel

    Michael Phelps

    Mosey to Garage for warmth

    1 round of Rochem-Burpees (a Marvel Classic)

    Do-Wa-Diddy up the deck with 20 Big Boy Situps

    10 Minute AMRAP (Thanks to Funny Car)

    4 Burpees

    8 Mercans

    12 Bonnie Blairs

    16 American Hammers

    Run up the ramp and back

    Crowd Favorite of an Iron Pax Challenge

    60 Mercans, Run around garage

    50 Squats, Run around garage

    40 Mercans, Run around garage

    30 Squats, Run around garage

    20 Mercans, Run around garage

    10 Squats, Run around garage

    Modified 5 of Diamonds for Mary (from Dreamliner)

    Round 1- 20 V-Sit Ups

    Round 2 – 40 Penguin Crunch

    F3 Hampton Roads