Archives: Is There a Doctor in the House…?

  • When: 20171026
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: SubMac, Deflator, SpaceMonkey, Scout, Bulldog, Dr. Beeps, Gunner, Screen Door
  • 8 PAX met in the gloom at #QuackQuackHonk for a Thursday morning beatdown.  Here’s how it went:

    Warmarama: 15x SSH, 1x burpee, 10x TTT, 1x burpee, 10x hillbillies, 1x burpee, 10x IW, 1x burpee, 15x Merkins, 1x burpee

    Burpee mile around the lake (run to the far corner, perform 12x burpees, run the remainder of the lap, 12x burpees, repeat for a second lap)

    9s at the picnic tables with 1 dip, 8 big boy situps to 8 dips, 1 big boy situp.

    D.O.C.T.O.R.s: Stations exercises at flower pot and five cones in a line. Perform an exercise at each cone.  After the last cone sprint back to the flower pot.  AMRAP with reps increasing by one on each round. D: Derkins on the flower pot. O: One-legged burpee. C: Crab-cakes (4-count), T: Captain Thor, O: One-legged burpee on the other leg, R: Rosalitas (4-count).  Shout out to SpaceMonkey for reminding me of what to do at the R station when I forgot in the gloom.  All PAX completed 7 rounds.

    MARY: 15x Crunchy Frogs, 10x flutter kicks, 10x Dr. Ws

    COT: Yesterday our fearless Nantan Dreamliner successfully defended his doctoral work and earned his Ph.D (Hence the D.O.C.T.O.R.s and Dr. Ws)  We may not be working on our Ph.D.s but we all have something that we are working on and that we can strive to do well at and succeed in.  YHC encouraged the PAX to redouble their efforts to achieve their goals and earn the fruits of their labor.

    Fun fact of the day: We normally do 7s, 11s, or 21s, but YHC chose 9s in connection with today being the anniversary of the shootout at the OK Corral in 1881 (1,8, 8,1).

    NMM: Look for information from SpaceMonkey regarding 3rd F opportunities in connection with the Be Group bible study.

    Birthday convergence at #StinkHill on 11 November.  Be there and bring a friend!

    Next CSAUP is a GoRuck Light in early December.  Look for emails from SubMac for more info.

    Max participation is needed at #StinkHill this Saturday.  A reporter from the Virginia Pilot will be there to do a story.  Deflator is lead on that.  Sunshine has the Q!  Get there!