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  • QIC: Priorities
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Scully, SpaceMonkey, Triple Option, SubMac, Bluegrass, Funny Car, Hot Corner, Pueblo (FNG), Priorities
  • 10 Mighty Oaks stormed #stinkhill on this gorgeous 75° and sunny morning at F3HR!  After a few weeks of running around the lake, it was decided we needed to remind the tiny ant hill who was boss.  Accompanying the Pax this morning was the lovely Lady Glittersparkle, seriously.  She was quite the diva and a bit high maintenance as she required 5 burps from all Pax anytime she was set down.  This is more or less how it went…

    Disclaimer – We’re about to do some probably(read definitely) stupid things.  Join in at your own risk.

    Warmarama – SSHx20, Imperial Walkersx20, Windmillsx20

    The Thang – The Pax moseyed to the steepest part of stink hill to get Lady Glittersparkle to the top as fast as possible.  We formed a bucket brigade, passing her back and forth up the hill and running to the end of the line after she was passed to the next Pax.

    Next was a reverse Indian Run (Lady Glittersparkle in the back, with front runner sprinting to the back to exchange) all the way across the top of the hill to the 2nd methane pole.

    The Pax made it to the bottom of the hill for the extended explanation of Lady Glittersparkle 1-2-3s.  This was partner 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats with a partner sprinting up the hill to the pole and back.  Switch.   Meanwhile, each 2 man team took turns carrying Lady Glittersparkle up to the pole and back.  The Pax managed to haul her up to the top 3 times per team for 15 total trips!

    Mad TClaps to FNG Pueblo for joining the ranks of #StinkHill greats like Triple Option by splashing merlot on his first trip out.  Seriously Dude, its a badge of honor.  The only reason YHC and other legends didn’t puke on their first post was because we were holding back.  Way to kill it out there! AYE!!!!

    Next was another reverse Indian Run along the path back to the bottom of the steps.  Lady Glittersparkle wanted to see the view from the top one more time so it was another bucket brigade to the top.  Turns out, with a little practice and engineering, this can go much faster than the first time despite being smoked.

    At the top it was a Priorities favorite Rock Olympics.  Sucks to be the Pax holding Lady Glittersparkle especially if Tri Extensions was called…  Dreamliner managed the only unintentional drop of Lady Glittersparkle on the morning.  5 more burpees…

    On the way down the hill, the Pax attempted a Dips ladder down the steps.  2 Dips per step, front pax does 3 steps with the lovely Lady Glittersparkle on his lap and then passed her back.  Time ran out to properly explore the space since there are like a billion steps at the end of a workout.  Probably 100? when fresh.  Either way, it was a Mosey back to the flags with Lady Glittersparkle to finally set the B down.

    COT – Counterama, Name-O-Rama, and BOM

    YHCs words of wisdom were this – YHC serves a God who also carried a heavy piece of wood up a hill and died there and rose again so that we could be out here today, carrying a heavy piece of wood up a hill and truly live.

    2nd, YHC keeps hearing radio commercials for Men’s Wellness Centers, miracle testosterone drugs and Law Firms just for men.  YHC chooses to get his inspiration, M strengthening, energy boosts for free 3+ times a week in the gloom.  Thank you brothers for these free services.

    Bluegrass takes us out.

    NMM – This might get a little long.  Sorry, not sorry.

    *If you are thoroughly confused at this point, the lovely Lady Glittersparkle is a 5’4″, 53.2 pound freshly cut log of unknown wood type from SubMac’s front yard.

    *We’re enlisting participants for the Colonial 70 relay race from Hanover to Williamsburg the last Saturday in April.  We need at least 3 more Pax but would love to have as many as possible. YHC’s RV will be posted near the finish line all weekend for rest and buffoonery.  Each Pax will on average run the equivalent of 2 10Ks but that will vary based on enthusiasm.  Let us know if interested.

    *The March Quad P Merkin challenge is off and rolling.  Keep it up brothers!  Scully, slow down a bit so the rest of us have a chance.  The top spot is a 2 man race but for the rest of the committed, keeping going for those 100 a day.  Follow through on those 3100!  Coming up for April is a mile a day challenge so get your running shoes ready.

    *Despite Twitter HC from McGruff and an in person HC from Spygate they were both AWOL.  I know that mammon is really getting in the way McGruff but we miss you dog(see what I did there?)

    *Also missing Screen Door who is on assignment.  F3HR is keeping you in our prayers this week.

    *2017 F3 race jersey design is out.  If you want one but don’t have a total order of $75, we are putting together a group order to save on shipping.  Let Dreamliner know by next Saturday what size and type of shirt you want.

    *YHC was trying to do a word association for naming FNG Pueblo.  Here’s how it went.  He went to U of New Mexico.  The Lobos. Women’s basketball great Rebecca Lobo.  UConn Huskies. Yukon Cornelius!  Apparently no one else could follow YHC’s brain.  Welcome Pueblo!

    *Since no one knows UConn Huskie great Rebecca Lobo, is anyone going to get the other 90s reference in the title?

    *See you all for DuckDuckGoose on Tuesday morning?  We’ve got an epic SubMac VQ on its way!

    That’s all I’ve got, SYITG!

    -Priorities Out



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