Archives: January 1st through 14th Awards Wrapup

  • When: 20180115
  • QIC: all PAX
  • The PAX: all PAX
  • Strong start to 2018, men.  Some challenging workouts amid challenging conditions.

    Social Butterfly – McGruff the Crime Dog.  Tclaps for taking over ITQ, coupled with three Qs of his own and attendance at the rescheduled 2nd F event.  Nice work!

    Q of the Weeks:  A tie.  It was too difficult to judge Gunner’s VQ in the driving snow at QuackQuackHonk against Gracie’s VQ at the inaugural RuckHill, so I spared myself the angst and just awarded both.  Having participated with Gunner, YHC can assert it was a ridculously good time and a legit beatdown.  I didn’t attend RuckHill but I felt the beatdown in the backblast’s description.  Way to knock out your VQs and chip away at our regional goals!  Looking forward to more from others due for VQs and these two guys!

    Backblast of the Weeks – A tough call, but YHC awards FunnyCar at BearCountry (  Setting aside the fact that FunnyCar perpetually tries to rename this AO BruinCountry, he is always thoughtful about giving his Qs meaning and this one was no different. Read up on how he integrated a Runner’s World warmup, college football, New Year’s resolutions, and the Bible into a tidy 45-minute package.  Oh, and a lap around FIA followed by impressing them with “bridges” that Richard Simmons would have been proud of (you had to be there).

    Keep pushing toward our goals – each and every one of us has a part in achieving them.

    For those inclined: and then there were four – Pats, Eagles, Jaguars, Vikings – who can incorporate these into their Qs for the week?



    (ps – we need RuckHill added to the Tags list)