Archives: Jolly 22 Q

  • When: 20180116
  • QIC: Airwolf
  • The PAX: Submac, Deflator, Clifford, Space Monkey, Dreamliner
  • Today’s workout honored the crew of Jolly 22. A USAF HH-60G Combat Rescue crew who was killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of Norfolk England on 7 Jan 14. The pilot of the crew (Capt Sean Ruane) was filmed by National Geographic leading a similar workout in Afghanistan a couple months before his death. This workout followed Sean’s lead…


    • Warm-o-rama
      • SIDE STRATTLE HOP: 22x 4 count
      • WINDMILL: 22x 4 count
      • ARM CIRCLE: 22x 4 count
      • HILLBILLIES: 22x 4 Count
      • FIRE DRILLs:
      • Dodo Birds: 22x 4 count
      • Afton Ass Kickers: 22x Alabama Ass Kickers
      • Jolly 22s (Spell Jolly w/ Legs, then 22x Leg Lifts)
    • Afton’s Lap: Run to a bench, do 22x Burpees, dealer’s choice
    • Sean Ruane’s Finish: Run / Sprint w/ 22x Exercises
    • BANJO (Fireman’s Carry to Each Side)
      • 22x Burpees
      • 22x American Hammers
      • 22x Nipple Scraper Merkin
      • 22’’ James Bonds
      • 22x Outlaws (make an O w/ your legs. 11 right / 11 left
    • Dale’s Leg Massacre
      • 22x Lt Dan’s (1:4 Squat, 4 Lunges)
    • FINISH: Legs on Backs Merkin
      • J-O-L-L-Y-2-2-Afton-Dale-Banjo-Ruane


    Editor’s note: While General Douglas MacArthur was stationed in Australia and acting as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area, he penned this prayer for his only son, Arthur.

    Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory.

    Build me a son whose wishes will not take the place of deeds; a son who will know Thee—and that to know himself is the foundation stone of knowledge.

    Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge. Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn compassion for those who fail.

    Build me a son whose heart will be clear, whose goal will be high; a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past.

    And after all these things are his, add, I pray, enough of a sense of humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself too seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, and the weakness of true strength.

    Then I, his father will dare to whisper, “I have not lived in vain. ”

    F3 Hampton Roads