Archives: Jonah's Epic Journey

  • When: 20170816
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Sub Mac, Sun Spot, Funny Car, Screen Door, Deflator, Space Monkey
  • First, we welcomed a Nomad from Indiana.  Thank you for joining us Sun Spot!

    As has been YHC’s habit, this beatdown was inspired by the topic of the bible study that was to follow the workout.  With the epic journey that Jonah went on, YHC endeavored to delivery an exercise in physical sharpening on the same level.  Knowing the PAX though, even something as grandiose as bringing a sea creature big enough to swallow them would not be likely to cause them to stumble.  They didn’t disappoint.

    After a warmarama that consisted of only the disclaimer, the PAX were led to some concrete.  On account of all of the rain we received, YHC wanted to keep the PAX in tip top appearance levels until we were all too tired to care.  That was later.  YHC explained that Jonah started on a ship, transitioned to a fish, and finally made his way to Nineveh.  If Jonah could do it, we could to.

    We started with S.H.I.P.   Side-straddle hops- IC x 17; Hello Dollies- IC x 15; Imperial Walkers- IC x 19; Plank-jacks- IC x 15

    Next, YHC regaled the PAX with his intimate knowledge of how Jonah passed the time in the fish with WHALE.  This was a suicide run-style exercise where the PAX completed several reps of an exercise followed by running to the first set of cones.  Back to the start for more of that exercise followed by running to the second set of cones.  This was completed for 5 iterations with the run increasing to the next set of cones for each successive round.

    First, YHC explained that Jonah’s presence likely caused some nautical indigestion so, what better to do to relive this tale than Burpees!  10 burpees decreasing by 2 for each successive run.

    Next, YHC explained that Jonah wanted to stay fit while in the fish’s belly so he likely did merkins.  10 wasn’t enough for the likes of Jonah though, so the PAX started at 20 and decreased by 4 for each successive run.

    Jonah had a great journey ahead and wanted to make sure his wheels stayed trained so, when possible, he was prone to do some squats.  Not 10 or 20, no the PAX started at 30 and decreased by 6 for each successive run.

    For the final round of WHALE, YHC recounted the legend of Jonah’s rock-hard abs.  Not to be negligent, the PAX worked on this as well.  40 LBCs decreasing by 8 for each successive run.

    The final stop on Jonah’s journey was to Nineveh where he delivered the news that God was mega upset with them.  They had 40 days to change their ways.  For those 40 days, the sun came up.  so the PAX did 40 V-ups.  The sun went down to so the PAX did 40 Carolina dry docks.

    Now that the PAX was good and warmed up, we did just a bit more after a mosey back to the flags.  On our 6s, no one was concerned about getting dirty at this point and we endeavored to complete some American Hammers (IC, x 20) and box cutters (IC, x 20 inside out and reversed).

    Countarama, namarama, and a discussion about how Jonah’s decision to not follow God’s will led not only to him being swallowed by a whale but also to the hardship of many around him.

    Ball of stinky Man, and we were out.