Archives: Just stare at the ground

  • When: 20170803
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Airwolf, Clifford, Scout, Screen Door, Dreamliner
  • So, YHC and Screen Door have been without the M and 2.0 (for Screen Door) this week as our wives give back to the youth from at camp. So, without really anything to do last night, we clown car’d to Richmond for their Wed. night hill run and #2ndF with the men (TYA, Swirly, Upchuck, CircleK, Wedding Singer, Shakedown, if YHC missed someone, I am truly sorry) who helped us launch. Late night and early morning but YHC rolled in around 0510 to secure the AO. Clifford was already waiting. Be careful Scully, Clifford is going to give you a run for your money. Shortly thereafter, Scout arrived looking fully recovered from his 30+ mile run on Saturday. That is NOT a typo (30 miles!!!). Followed by Airwolf (FNG on Tues. and posting his second time in 3 days, #Tclaps) and Screen Door who rolled in not quite CircleK style but since we saw him last night, YHC might as well make the reference.
    The Thang:
    One mile (two laps) for time. Scout dominated. Not quite sure on his time but it was definitely south of 6 minutes. There is some question on the exact distance around the lake but it’s close to 1/2 mile or slightly longer.
    Triple Check (Thanks Richmond): Derkins (counter) at flower pot, plank, run to 1st working light around lake (timer). Rotate when runner returns. Approximately 275 total derkins for team of three.
    Modified Hardywood Special: Line up in lines facing one another (elementary school dance-style).
    Round 1: Bear crawl to middle. 10 Booyah merkins. Crawl bear back to line. (YHC’s face was mighty close to Scout’s. As such, did not look up during this exercise. Stared at the ground)
    Round 2: Repeatdo.
    Round 3: Crab walk to middle. 10 partner sit-ups (feet locked together). Crab walk back.
    Round 4: Repeatdo.
    Triple Check: Leg lifts (counter) at flower pot, Al Gore, run to 1st working light around lake (timer). Rotate when runner returns. 200 total leg lifts for team of three.

    Ring of fire: 5 merkins/plank until 0615.
    Circle of Trust (COT):
    1 Samuel 17 (Story of David and Goliath)
    Recognize that you are not David in the story. The story points to Jesus.
    What is the giant in your life? Is it addiction, rejection/acceptance, fear, comfort?
    Ball of Man
    Prayer request as YHC is writing this backblast. Grandfather had a heart attack while on vacation. Air carried to hospital. Two stents put in. Stable but in ICU.
    August QuadP challenge is 30 day Ab Challenge (

    F3 Hampton Roads